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    Aids Johnson comes out in his Brewers blue suit, with the IWT title hung around his shoulder. He stops to do the Shane O Mac dance at the stage before running down and sliding into the ring. He pulls out a microphone from the corner before hitting the top stage to a huge boo.
    Wins and losses don't matter, do you know who I AM!? My name is Stone Cold Aids Johnson and I am the champion of this IWT universe! You want to know who we are and what we are here for? Let me introduce the past, present, and future of the IWT. We are....
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  2. *Gato Volar appears at the top of the ramp. He points at Aids Johnson in the ring and then pounds his chest and takes a knee before screaming out "Viva Volar!". He strolls down the ramp and as he's walking he takes the towel from around his neck and wipes the sweat off him and throws it in a fan's face. Volar grabs a mic that was left on the ring steps and rolls into the ring*

    Volar: Me llamo es Gato Volar. Those of you who watched my debut, witnessed the birth of a legend. When it's all said and done you'll talk about me like you talk about the man in this very ring with me...Aids Johnson.

    Mi hermano, my brother who took me aside and is showing me the path to greatness. That path, one I was meant to walk and someone is showing me the way. The next step to take is to become the intercontinental champion.

    El oro es todo lo que importa, gold is all that matters and we plan to have it all.

    El futuro es ahora....The future is now.
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  3. ***The lights go out as the new intro version of "Catch Your Breath" plays through the PA System.***

    ***At the 0:04 mark, the lights start to flicker as the name XIX appears on the titantron.
    At the 0:22 mark, out comes Prince Bálor wearing a black leather jacket, black trunks and black boots.
    He starts walking down the ramp, when at 0:57 mark, he unzips the jacket, triggers the lights and reveals the X-Division title.
    He climbs atop the apron and jumps in, and his music fades. He comes up to Johnson and Volar and shakes hands.
    Bálor then takes the mic and waits for the negative reaction to subside before he starts to speak.***

    First off, let me say that I am honored to be in a group of successful and great fighters.
    The XIX is ready to take over! The XIX will possess every title there is in the IWT.
    And we are going to change the landscape of this company in no time!
    You're either with us, or you're against us.
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  4. Michael walks out with a cigar in his mouth. He is smiling while clapping his hands. He pulls up his grey business pants and dusts off his salmon colored silk shirt. He pulls a microphone out of his pants and takes the cigar out of his mouth.

    Michael: I applaud your efforts. I love what you've done. I see pure gold when I see you 3. Everyone in that ring either deserves or has earned their rightful spot. Prince Bálor is the face of the X-Division. He beat that NGW no-show Danny Jacobs, and proved that he has more talent in his face-paint then Jacobs has in his entire body.

    Michael takes a whiff of his cigar, and puts his arms around his hips.

    Michael: Gato Volar beat the ever living piss out of Gav the Chav. You showed your worth, and you showed that you have more to offer. You made your statement by desecrating Forté's prized possession. You have the drive and determination to really shine here. And trust me *Michael smokes in his cigar* You have a very bright future ahead of you. I love it; you will too.

    Michael slowly walks down the ramp and enters the ring. Before doing so, he wipes his dress shoes clean on the apron and walks over to Aids Johnson. He takes a big whiff of his cigar and laughs.

    Michael: And Aids Johnson. The champ. The 4x champ. Mr. IWT. Mr. Hall of Fame. I love that. You beat the incompetent fool, FTJ. You beat the other incompetent fool, Victoria Parker. And most recently you beat the piss out of Jack Forté. Your first loss in months! Your first loss since returning. You may have not won, but I guarantee that The XIX will prove to everyone that you're not just the gatekeeper. You're not the nostalgia act. You're here for a reason and that is to justify the very reason you're called the GOAT.

    Michael steps back and takes a whiff of his cigar before throwing it out of the ring.

    Michael: While we prepare for IWTMania IV. How about you 3 have a little match to test your abilities. The XIX vs...Jack Forté in a 3-on-1 handicap match at IWT Pride in Victory! However, if Jack can find himself two partners, then it becomes a 3-on-3 tag team match!
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    @Shadow - do your shizz

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  5. *The lights dim as the song kicks on, and mint greent lasers start to shoot out as the beat drops. The titantron starts to play Jack's entrance video. Forté makes his way through the curtain, taking no time let the cheers sink in. Not even wearing any leather jacket. But sure enough he has his title in one hand, and a mic in another. He waits for everything to cool down before he starts.*

    I love this, all of it. Really. The pageantry, the promos being done as a team, it's all so cute. Hell, even the owner backs it up. I'd be upset if he wasn't kissing my ass backstage. I'm more upset over the fact that you claim that you made me in one of the older promos. You weren't even backstage when I came up. Don't pretend otherwise. You want an example of someone making something, look no further than me.

    But that's why I'm not here, I'm here for the three goons in the ring. I'm also upset with you, but not really. It's more so that I'm disappointed. I mean, even after the match you still couldn't beat me down enough to keep me from my people! If I were you I would've beat me so bad that I had no choice to forfeit the championship. Boom-bam, all Gato would have to do is face some nobody and he'd have my title. But that won't be the case.

    And Aids, you can say that wins and losses don't matter. But I proved all I needed to do. I proved that your title doesn't matter, at all. And it certainly isn't the premier title for this company. Hell, Gato was ringside and you still couldn't get the job done. But I guess that's what happens when you go up against THE champion of the IWT!

    Just because that was directed as Aids, you should listen Gato and Balor. There's a reason I keep mentioning hell. Normally it'd be a cold day in hell when one guy can beat three, but you might as well call me Jack Frost baby. Because I could do it with ease. But... BUT, I'm sure that my people wouldn't want to see a decimation like that. And since I'm not just the IWT's premier champion, as well as the people's champion, I'm going to give them what they want!

    A fair bout, as far as the rules go. But it certainly won't be fair for you guys. And just because I was in a hurry doesn't mean I didn't take the time to find a couple of partners.

    Allow me to introduce the first one now, he's a man who has held your title before, Bàlor. As well as your's, Aids. He also ended your undefeated streak, and he's going to be the guy to take that title from Aidsy. He's a man who needs no introduction, but oh well. My people, put your hands your hands up for...

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  6. Nick strolls out to the ramp, taking in the decent pop from the crowd. He gives Jack a handshake and turns his attention to the three men in the ring.

    "Thank you for that kind introduction, my friend. That was so heartwarming, I'll gladly accept the opportunity to give these three clowns a beat down."

    He smirks and eyes all three of them.

    "Aids, you just told a huge lie. This right here is the past, present, and future of the IWT. Because the future holds a new champion, one to take that title from you once and for all, someone who can give this company a fresh breathe of air. And that is me."

    "Onto you other two stooges... I've got nothing to say to you, Balor. I already pinned your ass, and proved that the X-Division is still mine, even when I'm not the champ. Gato, are you really Mexican? Tu español es muy malo, puto. Aids, of all the people you could've gotten for your little gang, you chose these nobodies? I could take you 1 on 3, Jack could take you 1 on 3, hell, every member of this audience could take you 1 on 3! But we'll go 3 on 3, because I suppose that's technically a fair fight. So let's get our 3rd partner out here!"
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  7. *a voice can be heard from the crowd*

    (Gav the chav) here here over here you cheeky ****s who the fuck do you 3 cheeky ****s think your talking too I'll smash every single one of your faces in

    *gav walks towards the ring and enters it to join nick and jack forte*

    Balor and gator valor I've already dealt with you previously and gav feels he took you both lightly trust me when i say this next time I won't make that mistake again watch your back Balor because i want that title you hold right

    *gav turns his attention towards aids*

    And you better watch your back too because I'm coming for after all this is done i still have my rematch clause and im gunna take back my title whether you like it or not

    You know what do you know what the difference is between us 3 and you 3 is we were all at some point world champions We are fucking mint you 3 well you 2 are still just a couple of rookies who are gunna be used and abused by that drunken bum stood next to you here aids have a drink coz that is your only talent

    *gav pulls out a can a bud light and hands it over to aids*
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    Aids looks at the blue can before tossing it deep in the crowd, laughing.

    "You owe me everything Gav, and anyone who has ever been anyone knows it. You don't Money in the Bank without me, and your "World title reign" was something you would have never done without me. Forte, you misconstrued my argument as 2/3rds of your members are nothing without an Aids Johnson push, and I plan on proving that once again at this PPV. The XIX become another faction filled with NEW and Agressive talent, while you 3 fall into the category you have always given me. I am the gatekeeper, and Nick is as much the past as he is the future - there will at best be a short reign because he cannot and will not prove himself once again, and I become the 5 time 5 time champion, if you win the lottery that is.

    Tell us about your title reign(s), Nick. Tell us about where the IWT went in the past year, Forte. Gav? Tell me a time you weren't lifted up by my own doing. Face it, 2/3rds of you are midcard at best talent given the Aid-gifted opportunity, and once again at the PPV I will set in stone why your false claims will only lead to one real title change - and that will be yours Forte. Hell freezing over? When was the last time you drew son?

    If you characters want to pull your weight, tell us about that future you keep talking about, because all we hear is it doesnt include me, and that you will somehow become a draw overnight, beating the greatest draw and champion of all time. Again, reminder Nick; tell us about your only world championship run?

    Tell us Gav, about how you drew. And Forte, tell me about what you add when you add hasbeens like you claim I am in order to face the future of the IWT. You will never be me, I could hold the X-division title and put more asses in seats than you ever have. You might be Kevin Owens in a different world, but I am the Cenation and you could pull my finger and it'd draw bigger than most of your matches.

    Remember one thing, when you lose, and you will. Don't run and come back for a 3rd time claiming how great you are. Dat Kid, Victoria Parker, Erik Draven, Incognito, and so many more have followed in your footsteps, but you know the sad truth? Guys like FTJ come back because they can do what you cannot, and are too cowardly to do. Get people interested and behind you. It's why I am IWT Champion, and you are just old timers passing the torch to new talent - just like you have claimed I am - while I keep what belongs to me. THE IWT Championship.