Promos The Year Of The Tiger

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  1. Taigaman is standing, in what seems to be the same dark, damp cave, he is shown as a silhouette as the camera pans around his body.
    "As night falls..."
    The camera slowly starts moving up his torso.
    "The Taigaman rises"
    The camera reaches Taigamans neck.
    "As the dust settles..."
    The camera reaches the bottom of his mask.
    "I prosper"
    The camera moves up to the middle of his mask, where his nose is.
    "And when I see my prey"
    The camera reaches his eyes and stops as the silhouette turns into Taigaman.
    "I pounce"
    The camera slowly starts zooming in on Taigamans large, blue eyes
    "It's time for change..."
    "And this year....."
    The camera is fully zoomed in on Taigamans eyes.
    "Is the year of the tiger..."
    A low pitches screech is heard as the camera goes black.

    A message is shown on the screen saying "
    タイガーマンが来ています" Translating to "Taigaman is coming"

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