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  1. I can't seem to find a new theme that sticks with what my gimmick is. I'm basically the rock but with the ability to switch up and mix in seriousness and be more dark. Anybody got any good ideas on what to use as a theme? Or maybe I can pick a new theme depending on what my promo is?

  2. to me this would be funny?appropriate
  3. I'll put this under consideration to due to three things.

    1. You recommended it.
    2. Song is tight.
    3. We The Chavs!
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  4. @gav the chav

    Anything you like here, or in your taste, to be our team song?
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  5. The Real Americans theme would be hilarious. Use that one!
  6. The Woman has spoken!

    Nevermind Gav, B.Dazzle has to give the ladies what they want.
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  7. gav solo -

    dazzle solo-
  8. Yay! After all, you wouldn't want Victoria chasing you with knives and guns over a theme, would you? :obama:
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  9. B.Dazzle ain't afraid of no crazy bitch.:tough:
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  10. Oh, so you dig crazy chicks then :gusta: :ksi:
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Why wouldn't I? :ksi:
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  13. :true:
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