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  1. There was a white theme in the "board style" choices. It didn't have a name. It was just blank on the drop down list.

    It's a theme I used for when my eyes started to strain so being on the forum would be tolerable because my eyes get strained from the grey/darkness. And now It's gone.. Puffffff.. Vanished.

    Anyone have any idea?
  2. When was this and where?
  3. It's on the options page. Under CP.


    It's usually under board style, but it's gone. I don't know when it went.
  4. i can't remember seeing it
  5. It's because everyone uses the "default" theme because it's the only one. But I can't use the forum when my eyes hurt because this theme strains by eye balls. :bury:
  6. i have changed the theme for the frist time i didn't even know they where there i am stupid
  7. The ones on offer really aren't compatible because majority of them are tests, and contain bugs and errors.

    But I want my white one back because I can't fricken' stand this.
  8. ive got a white one
  9. Yeah, that's not the one.
  10. Was it basically just a white version of this?

    If so, that's the one we were just playing with, it's not supported at all.
  11. it's called luxor or summit
  12. Luxure also isn't supported, yet.
  13. Yeah it was. It worked fine for me, a few niggles but It was okay. I use it because my eyes can't stand the forum late at night. :dawg:
  14. Normally light themes are worse for the eyes lol. Do you like Luxure? If so I'll work harder on making sure statuses work on it and then tweak some of the image fails to make it pleasant. Using Luxure now, I love it, but I don't use it permanently due to statuses and our default theme being amazing.
  15. I don't know why the dark theme hurts my eyes, I told my optician and he said it's like the same effect as reading a book in the dark, hence why it strains my eyes. I must just have weird eyes.

    If you want to make tweaks to Luxure by all means please do. Just so I have something to help me, Because sometimes It's unbearable. :sad:
  16. Do you like Luxure though? It's only installed at the moment for nostalgia as it was our first ever theme, but I'm a massive fan of it. And hmm, that is weird. For me, if I feel my eyes straining I avoid light sites. For example, I've installed a dark theme for YouTube lol. Though I sit in a dark room, that might be why.

    Not going to lie though, I'm clueless on how to get statuses working on this theme. Solidus might so I hope he'll read this and surprise me, but I know it might be tricky as some well known developers on MyBB even had troubles with our status plugin, lol. One of the few reasons why I'm sort of dreading MyBB 1.8 when it comes out.
  17. Yeah I've used it on a few occasions, I like it, and if it all okay to use, I would be using it right now. At the moment the status's are really the priority if you can get all the images working and what not, I'm sure I'll be okay, and Solidus can make the general changes when he see's fit.

    I have seriously bad eye sight out of my right eye, Optician says I need to wear glasses when reading and on the computer because I could lose vision in my right eye. :upset:

    But I'm using Luxure now despite it's current problems, I hope they can be resolved soon. :otunga:
  18. So am I atm, I love this theme.

    Anyway, why not wear glasses? And yeah statuses is something I'm going to try and explore now.
  19. Lacky, either get glasses or better lighting.
  20. I love how much empathy and compassion you have. Lmao.