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  1. So like others, I need help getting a theme song. I've had a couple on my mind, but I not sure which to use. So I'll put em up, and if you could tell me which one to use that'd be great. Even a different son. Suggestion would help a lot

    Basically, my character is a psychotic, and at times creepy guy. He's got multiple disorders such as multiple personality. He cannot stand being ignored, and wants to change society. Wants people to trust him, but nobody does.

    Lyrics about not being heard, nobody listening, etc.

    Talks about being trusted, and also sounds very creepy. I'm currently using this one

    About turning into a monster, which is basically what happened after coming from the DX gimmick

    Like it says, nobody's listening. The only thing I don't like about this is idk if the beat fits the entrance.

    So yeah, please give me some advice :please:
  2. I'd pick Monster because I love the song.
  3. "Baby" by Justin Bieber rocking dat monster gimmick
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