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    Austin Andrews official Twitter account of @Austin Andrews

    You will find out the official status updates from Austin Andrews. This is the official Twitter account of Austin Andrews.

  2. @FedXKing: Austin Andrews should be Gladiator's Champion
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  3. @TheRealAwesomeOne: I hope a certain opponent is ready to get demolished on TNT next week, and he gets the nice knowledge of being my first, in a long line of, victims.
  4. @TheRealAwesomeOne: Morning all, just woke up. I'm already thinking about my battle with mad Dogg prepared for #TNT.
  5. @TheRealAwesomeOne: Anyone else see Vinnie Rose beat the Internet Champion. That's why #StarsOfX is the B-brand, their champions are flukes.
  6. @TheRealAwesomeOne: In reply to @CutlassKing: Exactly. #Warzone over #StarsOfNothing.





    @TheRealAwesomeOne: Wesley Allen with anther interesting promo... looks promising for Stars of X.


    @TheRealAwesomeOne: Good Main Event to #StarsOfX, but I can't wait to destroy mad Dogg next week on TNT.
  7. @TheRealAwesomeOne: Everyone ready for #Warzone? Any guesses on what Cutlass's big announcement will be? I think it has something to do with the tag team division. #WhoKnowsWhatCutlassWillSay


    @TheRealAwesomeOne Can't believe we've gotten anew title, Royal Crown Championship! #OMG
  8. @TherealAwesomeOne In reply to @TheFatD: The only way you will beat me is if you kiss Cutlass's ass again and get him to rig the match for you.
  9. God no.
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