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    FedX King
  2. @TheSmasher:

    People saying that I can't smash them, funniest joke I have ever heard! #BringItOn
  3. @rkolover23: You wish, @TheSmasher. Brains over brawn. #YouDontHaveMuchOfABrainISee
  4. @TheSmasher:

    RT "@rkolover23: You wish, @TheSmasher. Brains over brawn. #YouDontHaveMuchOfABrainISee" All I can say is #BringItOn
  5. @rkolover23: @TheSmasher is just full of bull and empty threats. Everybody ignore him.
  6. @TheSmasher:

    RT "@rkolover23: @TheSmasher is just full of bull and empty threats. Everybody ignore him." Think what you like but you know you are talking out your butt.
  8. @TheSmasher:

    RT "@Luis_Boden: @TheSmasher reminds me of Nigel Thornberry minus the fan base #BLERGGGH" I probably have more of a fan base then you do. I respect mine, you don't respect yours.
  10. @TheSmasher:

    RT "@Luis_Boden: I respected every single one of these people by busting my ass day in and day out to become what I am today, from the high school gyms to the big lights, those people who followed me I respect. Too many people cling on to what I have now" That's nice. Not gunna' lie, you aren't that bad but you aren't as good as you think.
  12. @TheSmasher:

    RT "@Luis_Boden: @TheSmasher I'm not that good I'm better." Sorry but I can't understand people who are talking out their butt.
  14. @TheSmasher:

    RT "@Luis_Boden: @TheSmasher Who translates your promos then Smash ?" I don't need anyone to translate anything for me because I don't talk out my butt. I talk out my mouth. Facts are spoken out of your mouth.
  16. @TheSmasher:

    RT "@Luis_Boden: @TheSmasher they look too similar to tell" I think you need to go Specsavers.
  18. @TheSmasher:

    RT "@Luis_Boden: @TheSmasher I'd rather you do, maybe you'd find a job which fits. You're definitely not a real wrestler." When will you stop talking out your butt?
  19. @TheSmasher:

    I shall give you all a tip because I feel nice, don't listen to Luis Bolden's theme tune because you may burst an ear drum.
  20. @FedXKing: Your beating Luis by followers
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