They could have done better with Ryback, What's the condition of his push now?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Baraa, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. I thought they were going on the way of making Cena putting him over as the next face of the WWE, but that obviously didn't happen.

    I think they could have book Ryback much better at the RR, they could have made him enter early to make him, spend more time in the match and make him look stronger instead of making him enter at no 30 and getting eliminated like 10 minutes after.

    It's not that I'm a huge Ryback mark but that was surprising for me.

    So now, do you guys still take Ryback seriously as an unstoppable superstar?
    What do you think is the condition of his push now?
  2. He's lost every high profile match that's he had yet, so that probably doesn't say much about his push. Who's he beat of importance, that two minute match with Miz back in October? I know he was stuck in an unfortunate spot with the CM Punk feud, but for a guy WWE supposedly wants to build as the #2 face of the company, I would expect a much better show of dominance in the Rumble match. I'm shocked he eliminated so few.

    I always predicted he'd probably turn out not to amount to much (just another failed big man), but I think there's still time. He has a cool name, cool look, and he's not half bad on the mic. He's also pretty passionate about the business in interviews, so I'm all for him becoming successful. I think it would help if he eventually becomes a more Batista-like big man, which is to say a big man with some personality, not just a Goldberg-like "Rawr, I want to destroy everything, rawr!!!" He'll probably be involved in part of the Shield's whole comeuppance at some point in the near future so there's a start, I guess.
  3. I am hoping he feuds with Y2J to get a bigger push. If they can feud, it will build his character more on the mic and in the ring.
    I do enjoy Ryback. At first I didn't, but I must admit, I am becoming a fan. He's a great brute.
    I hope he doesn't get pushed under the rug like so many others have been in the past.
  4. Well I do enjoy Ryback tbh, I'm not his biggest fan but he is still interesting imo.

    But tbh I don't like the idea of him feuding with Jericho, just Jericho for something better like a feud with db or something.
  5. He needs a big feud to push him though. Specially someone who has mic skills. Y2J is excellent on the mic.
  6. He was so low because he still isn't able to do much in the ring for more than 10 mins. 30 was a great spot for him.
  7. A behemoth match vs Lesnar would be good for him. Especially if they let him go over. Don't know if he's quite ready yet though.
  8. Well, this is something bad for Ryback. He dominated at first than he started to be in big matches against Punk, Shield etc. but he failed every single one of them so that made Ryback a little... How can I say, can't find the exact word. The thing I am trying to mark on is that Ryback gone a bit far from that monster. He became a little monster who dominates everyone but main eventers. WWE did the right thing with him but Ryback lost a little momentum for sure. In 2013 he needs to be a dominating heel for sure.
  9. He came at 30 and nearly cleared the ring, I just think it was stupid booking in the end. If they had stretched the final bit with him and Cena and made the Shield interfere in his elimination SINCE THE FEUD CONTINUED, he wouldn't have looked like crap as much as he did. And yes, his push is getting worse, I blame this on putting him in that match with Punk and stretching the feud until TLC. If Ryback flops really hard it's WWE's fault, not his.
  10. I thought exactly the same, when the 2 left standing I thought there were only 2 things to happen:

    1- Either Ryback eliminates Cena and win
    2- Or The Shield interfering and eliminating Ryback.

    I would never thought they would make the current face of the company go over the future face of the company simply.

    But they did.:downer:
  11. Yeah, that was quite bad to watch, I was like... seriously, that what they're doing? Didn't like it.
  12. TBH I'm always prepared to being disappointed when I see Cena, I don't care if he is giving them millions of merchandises,.

    Face of the company my ass.
  13. Well, I'm normally disappointed with Cena too. But he's the face of the company, we can't deny that. I hate the way Cena's used, but I understand why they do it.
  14. Yes we can't deny that, ,but that doesn't mean that I like it.

    I don't like him being the face of the company, the face of the company should at least be interesting. lol
  15. Yeah, I agree with you there. I don't like this extremely limited (for short) Cena being shoved down my throat as the face of the company too, wish he was at least less limited or someone else, sure.