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  1. Alright so I just bought the recently revived Thief game on the PS4 developed by Eidos published by Square Enix and played through it after a few days.. man I was decently disappointed. I mean the game does have it's value don't get me wrong, but idk if it's worth paying full price for a new copy. IMO it's either a game you rent, borrow or buy used for $40. The feel is kind of nice and you can tell it's done using the Unreal Engine. They've been working on this game for quite some time I think since the the tail end of 2009 and idk for that long it just really wasn't that great. To be honest there is a bit of replay value, not much but just enough to warrant a keeping if you got it for cheap enough if not I'd try and get your maximum amount of money for it. The Graphics were pretty solid I'd give them like an 8/10, chalking that one up to the fact they haven't had too long to mess with the new system yet. My biggest issues were honestly the map designing, the technical bugs and the story just being.. very mehhhh!

    If you have an older generation console like the PS3 or 360 and live in the United States, they should have the game in a local Redbox Rental Kiosk near you. Otherwise same deal, borrow it or buy it for cheap play it if you like it and think the replay value is worth it keep it if not return it and get something else.

    Overall I'd give it like a high 6 out of 10, I wouldn't feel safe going all the way to 7 :emoji_slight_smile:. Definitely recommend a play through for sure on the new generation systems since there isn't much out for the beginning of their lives, if there's anyway you can borrow it from a friend on the new consoles please try it or get it from GameStop and beat it real fast and if you like it keep it, if not return it within 7 days.
  2. If you are not a stealth enthusiast, then this game is not for you. It is like all the other Thiefs just re-vamped and well polished imo.
  3. Graphics sure as hell don't look revamped and polished.

    It lacks any real pull to get you invested in it.
  4. myeh myeh myeh myeh myeh. just ruin my day why don't you?
  5. The graphics are re-vamped and polished compared to the other Thief games. They may not be to your everyday 'next-generation' graphics that we've all been expecting, but I find the game very underrated and not many people will pay attention to it. I enjoy it. :jericho:
  6. I enjoyed it for what it was as a stealth game, I just really thought the story was a little short and kinda lame.. I also had a couple of technical issues with some of the features but it wasn't tooooo bad.

    I got it used from GameStop so they have like a return policy for like 7 days where I'll get my $50 back and I'll just put it on Infamous: Second Son. That game is exclusive to PS4 so it will be nice to see what progress they've made on strictly new gen graphics :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. Well, I bought it off of the XONE market so I can't return it. For what its worth, I enjoy it. I agree, it is a lot like Dishonored. Remember that little game? That game was good but it lacked a lot. I agree that Thief lacks a lot but it does have its qualities. I give it an overall 7.5/10
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  8. Dishonored man.. That game had so much promise but after 3 playthroughs to get all the achievements there just really was no replay value :emoji_slight_frown:
  9. Yeah, the ending was terrible as well. It was almost as bad as Rage's ending.
  10. Never got to play through Rage all the way lol, I bought it for $10 off some crackhead and like totally sold it for $35 right after.
  11. You didn't miss anything other than John Goodman.