Things people don't know about you in real life

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  1. Things you do, but do not tell to people..

    Mine is listening/watching AMSR vid's on YouTube..
    Makes me calm and relaxed. :sweet:

    How about yours?
  2. I'm bisexual
  3. Yeah, don't trust people that much
  4. Much respect for coming out, bro.. Hat's off.
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  5. I own a wrestling forum.
  6. :win:
  7. I have phone secks with @[Crayo].
  8. :boss: you own an awesome fourm
  9. people that dont know me well, don't know i have social anxiety disorder, people just think im shy, i wish i was just shy

  10. ME TOO O.O

    this my favourite ones

  11. My Mum is only 32.
  12. i was born with a third leg
  13. The fact that I really want to become a WWE diva. ]]:
  14. you can do it sweety :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. 1. @[Vince McMahon] is crushing on me

    2. I was born with a 3rd eye

  16. dangit bobby -.-
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