Things that are overrated lads

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  1. 1. Morals

    Who gived a shiny shit, I hate self-rightious lads who claim they would not shag a mates gf, do whatever the fuck you want. stop telling people how to live their lives

    2. Driving

    Whats that all about, whats the fuss

    at the end of the day, there is a bus service and women dont give a shiny shit if you drive

    3. Fashion

    People always tell me to dress nice, whats the crack tehre lads. I dress in my joker t-shirt, and the wrenches love it, they always want to hide the postmans parcel with me when I rock up in my joker t-shirt.

    Whats all this skinny jeans malarky, seems a bit ego-mancial to me lads. women love a pair of fat thighs to wriggle around with. shirts are too preened, we should be acting rough and hard, not like lilly livered ****s

    4. Education/Carrer

    I was too smart for it. I have a degree in smarts, not some friverlous subject. self-rightious lot thinking by following a career there life will mean something. its all friverlous
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  2. inb4me
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  3. "Bailing on this place. Sick of having to justified myself."

    People telling everyone they're leaving (including when they're actually not) has become pretty over-rated/over-used on this forum IMO.
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  4. Sorry, I'm just such a trendsetter.
  5. yeah I lied lads

    i am not one of these ego-mancial self-righitous lot
  6. Only just remembered you left and went to WrestlingForums, now the memories of Jono calling your a traitor etc. come back to me. Good times.
  7. stick to the subject lads
  8. Right, the subject.

    Well lad, while waffles are a fine breakfast treat, I'm going to have to say I enjoy pancakes more. So fluffy and divine, I may go to IHOP now ashley

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  9. Don't be so self-righteous lad, thought you didn't give a shiny shit?
  10. I am, talking about over-rated things
  11. simmer down wrench, the lads are talking
    your humor is overrated, as is yout jeff hardy fishnets
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  12. I'm shocked you even know what humor is. What with you being the least humorous thing about this place.
  13. I'll tell you what is overrated. GERMANY!

    USA! USA!

    90 minutes to kickoff lads! USA! USA! USA!
  14. Sliced bread.
  15. Being sober, processed foods, Pewdiepie, and dolph's.
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  16. friverlous insult as always

    typical female wrestling fan. speaking of which female wrestling fans are overrated
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  17. Being Jaded is Overrated
  18. how so lad
  19. Well I guess it can depend on what you are jaded about in particular, but if you are jaded about life in general then I have to believe you would not be much fun to be around.
  20. Read this as "Being Jesus is Overrated"
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