Things that are underrated

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. the underrated thread needed to be made. :tough:

    What are some things you believe are underrated?
  2. Handjobs
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  3. :dafuq:

    Really? We are starting with that? :pity:
  4. TGMIs handy shandys
  5. They are underrated. Sure it might not be your first pick, but a good handjob in a theatre whilst watching a movie is hard to beat.
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  6. The Big Bang Theory, Dance music and not caring about which hand people wipe their bums with because you're too smart for those kind of jokes.
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  7. Limp Bizkit
    Family Guy
    The Local Boozer
    Randy Orton
    A Hairy chest
    HHH in 2003
    Burly men
    Bigger built men
    Randy Orton
    Lads with glasses
    An overbite
    Bit of yellow on your teeth
    The gold standard
    Randy Orton
    Brian Andersons writing
    BLFFL threads
    Chat up lines
    Randy Orton

    I could go on
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  8. Or not hard to beat..... Also anyways.

    MOFO'ing Trance music, best music genre.
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  9. Confidence is underrated?
  10. Trance music is overrated, just a load of beats. If i wanted beats i would but Kylie Mynagoes album.

    Confidence is underrated. Lack of it has held me back in life lad, at the end of the day
  11. You mean Kylie Minogue right? Also if you had said Dubstep i'd agree, but Trance music isn't that popular.
  12. Just because you lack it doesn't mean it's underrated. The fact it seems to be capable of completely changing your life means it's overrated if anything.
  13. it is the missing piece of my puzzle lad

    trance is overrated. lads talk about like it is credibility. the best part of credibility is the lie, at the end of the day

    credibility to me is a lad who is comfortable enough in his own skin to admit he likes limp bizkit
  14. "The best part of credibility is the lie" Do you even read what you post?
  15. cred is a lie, no such thing lad

    which is why trance is overrated
  16. Words cannot describe the stupidity you possess.
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  17. no neeed for perosonal attacks lad

    just do not get dance or tracne music. justt beats
  18. It's actually pretty philosophical. "The best part of credibility is the lie" represents the lies people take to be accepted in social situations, rather than becoming the stories they tell they just act as if they are that person without putting in the work. Tgmi really is a bit of an enigma around these parts I wish people knew just how long he's been anonymous before his forum days. He's a highly intelligent fellow.
  19. Cheers lad

    You are a underrated lad