Things That Existed During Attitude ERA & Ruthless Aggression Era

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  1. Things That Existed During Attitude ERA & Ruthless Aggression Era

    1. True Hardcore Wrestling
    2. Longest Title Reigns
    3. Sex Related Storylines
    4. Bleeding
    5. Real Life Screw jobs
    6. Gay Jokes
    7. Bra and Panties Matches
    8. Austin/McMahon Type Rivalry
    9. Wrestlers Descending from Rafters
    10. Mick Foley-Like Spots
    11. Racially-Charged Groups
    12. Abuse of Women
    13. Death Angles
    14. Gun Angles
    15. Pregnancy Angles
  2. Puppies.
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  3. Yeah!!!! And We don't get to see explosions as well these days right !!!!!
  4. Who wants to see the following points in 2016?

    12 (seriously. WTF?)
    13 (this is just stupid)
    14 (see 13)
    15 (see 13 & 14)

    Seriously. A lot of these points not being in wrestling anymore are positives, not negatives.
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  5. 1. Hardcore matches in WWE always kinda sucked.
    2. We do kinda need some longer title reigns.
    3. Completely unnecessary
    4. People don't need to bleed every match. It can make a big match in a feud seem special, but WWE doesn't need blood every match.
    5. Nah, just causes too many problems.
    6. Because gay jokes are totally funny and mature.
    7. Yeah let's revert to viewing women as sex objects instead of wrestlers. >_>
    8. Hmmm...yeah. They tried with The Authority vs Daniel Bryan but, didn't work even though the end result was good.
    9. Nope. Won't see that again after Owen Hart. And for good reason too.
    10. Mick Foley sacrificed his body for the business on a larger level than most wrestlers, we don't need those spots.
    11. Yeah sure, that's gonna get over really well. >_>
    12. We need intergender matches, not abuse.
    13. No. There's no payoff to a death angle.
    14. That'd get over really well with all the gun violence in society today >_>
    15. No. Once again, no payoff. You can't have someone actually get pregnant for an angle, and a miscarriage angle is offensive and in bad taste. >_>
  6. Ball pit chases and 100 title changes in a night is not true Hardcore Wrestling. True Hardcore Wrestling is when the Hardcore is warranted with a hot feud. Hardcore is the culmination of an intense feud, not some shitty title.

    1999 had 13 title changes. The longest of those 13 last 56 days.

    Which are regarded as some of the most cringeworthy storylines in wrestling history. i.e Henry/Young

    Eh, I guess.

    There was one. And it resulted in a lot of problems. It is nothing to boast about, really.

    Mostly tasteless.

    Tasteless and pretty stupid. You have to be one sexually frustrated motherfucker to want to see this.

    There was only one. It was the originator. That was Austin and McMahon, and as history has shown, it is very bad when replicated.

    It resulted in a death, millions of dollars, horribly publicity and even more heat to the prior Screwjob. Don't want this anywhere, really.

    Same as bleeding. Despite the fact that they shortened his life and ruined his body to the point where he can barely walk it wasn't all that cool since indy promotions were producing much more intense stuff.

    I guess. But it was always poorly executed.



    There was only one and it was fucking amazing. #Pillman4Lyfe

  7. To answer number 2. The average length of title reigns now is longer than back in both the AE and Ruthless Agression era bar a few rare examples. That's counting all the titles not just the main one. Charlotte is currently well on her way to/is the longest reigning women's champion of all time if we count her divas reign into this. Punk had the longest WWE title reign since Kevin Nash in the early 90s. Dean's one run with the US title lasted over 300 days and you have to go back to 80s WCW to find most of the longer reigns on that list (he is number 9 all time). Overall WWE has moved towards longer title reigns because they make the champions come off as stronger/make the title changes more important
  8. That is true. I initially made the post only thinking about the main title, but reigns are indeed longer as a whole. I guess a better thing to say would be I hope they keep going down that route.
  9. Negative Nancy.
  10. Everyone complaining about the shit in this list but u can't deny that all those things made the show more entertaining. Who cares if it was tasteless, pointless, or retarded. It still made Raw and SmackDown way more fun and exciting than the play it safe cookie cutter bullshit they pull now every week
  11. I can. None of that stuff is funny or entertaining.
  12. Well millions of people who watched back in the day would disagree. If you would of took all of these things away from the Attitude Era then theres a good chance WWE wouldn't even exist today.
  13. How in the hell does abusing women, gay jokes or pregnancy angles make a show more entertaining?
  14. Actually just read through the list. I tend to just read the title and overlook the OP.

    LOL @ "gay jokes" and "gun angles".
  15. There is a reason why most of this stuff is not on WWE programming right now. Society has changed A LOT since then. Homophobic jokes, objectifying women, and ranking up the sex and violence isn't just going to "make things better."

    What we need is good storylines, good wrestling matches, a less over exposed product (i.e: 2 hour Raws), and something fresh instead of rehashing everything from the past that has aged to the point where it has a bad smell, shining it up and putting a low quality air freshener on it and calling it new.
  16. You ever watch south park?
  17. Those things are worked in there to prove a message. When used by WWE, it's cheap humor/material for sexually frustrated teens.
  18. Vince McMahon does not have an ounce of the social awareness Parker and Stone has. As Tsar pointed out South Park uses it for social commentary and satire.

    Vince McMahon was going to book himself in an incest angle with his daughter because he thought it would be hot before getting talked out of it.
  19. Steve Austin, Undertaker, Rock, Triple H, Mick Foley, Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle were the reasons WWE is around. Not beating women and fake deaths.
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