Things that get you through long travels

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  1. What are things that help everyone get through long trips?

    As for me, I would not have got through many long journeys without my phone, iPad or laptop. But I haven't tended to use any of those things as of late. Usually now it's basically..

    If I'm traveling alone via public transportation, I just go to sleep after a while.

    If I traveling with people and I'm not driving I chat with them.

    If I'm traveling alone via my own car, I blast music.
  2. A stack of podcasts and/or sleep. I find I get bored way more easily when travelling though.
  3. Masturbating furiously.
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  4. Even if driving?
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  5. Music, Sleep and Talking.
  6. especially while driving
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  7. Sleep, porn, Netflix, the usual for me.
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  8. Adderall
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  9. Music, Reading, or Sleep.... whenever I get on a plane I usually fall asleep almost immediately.
  10. My ipod. I hate being in a car specially for more than 20 minutes. lol
  11. I can sit there for hours without anything and I won't be bored, but if need be music/sleeping.
  12. pr0n was the answer I expected. :woo1:
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