WrestleMania Things that got more time than Bryan.

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  1. Things that got more time than Sheamus/Bryan

    The HHH/Taker staredown at the beginning of their match
    A replay of Eve kicking Zack Ryder in the dick
    Something called Machine Gun Kelly
    Maria Menounos' spot where she took 3 minutes to climb the ropes even though she'd only been in 2 minutes of a 5 minute match at that point
    That Deadliest Catch guy elbowdropping a crab leg
    Randy Orton's unblinking stare as he stood at the ramp doing nothing during his entrance
    Big Show crying
    EVERY SINGLE CUT to Shawn Michaels thinking about his feelings after EVERY SINGLE SPOT in the Taker/HHH match
    Both of the introductions in the Johnny/Teddy match
  2. Vince and creative burying the WHC just makes Smackdown so much less credible. If they keep burying them so much just fuck smackdown and have only raw.
  3. Kim Kardashian's Marriage
  4. Undertaker's entrance.
    Santina pulling his sock out and putting it on his arm.
    Heath Slater/Flo Rida segment.
  5. HOW ABOUT THE GAY FUCK TAKING LIKE 10 MIN. AWAY FOR THE SHOW! That could have made the World Title match longer!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Big Show's title reign. WHC