Things You Take For Granted

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  1. What are some things/people you KNOW you take/or have taken for granted?
  2. Life is the greatest thing everyone takes for granted. You never know when you're going to die.
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  3. I'm too much of a paranoid fuck to take anything for granted.
  4. A very nice relationship with my ex, very sad.
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  5. Running water, heat/AC, abundance of food.
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  6. Death is certain, Life is not.
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  7. firm boobs. Once saggy = sad
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  8. Pretty much everything. It's just a general assumption daily that 'nothing bad will happen' so you can't help but just not really focus on how lucky one is to be alive and having all your limbs, and being's sad, but, true. You only start to realize how precious things are when something bad does happen.
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  9. Pretty much this. It's a natural human tendency to hope for and expect something good to happen every single time, even at times when we are damn sure in the logical head of ours, that good to happen in a particular scenario is beyond belief. It's amazing, but true. And even when the 'bad' does happen, we try to look for any and every bit coming out of it which might be containing some good.
  10. My teeth tbh.
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  11. I'm American. So everything.
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  12. After the past 30 minutes toilet roll.
  13. I don't currently take anything for granted. At least if I do, I'm not aware of it. Off the top of my head the only thing specific I can think of that I took for granted is my keychain.
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  14. I personally find this hard to believe

  15. Assuming you're referring to the last sentence, I was avoiding the generic/aforementioned stuff like having plenty of food. I probably should've mentioned that, my bad.
  16. That makes more sense then. It is nearly impossible to not take a lot for granted in this day and age.
  17. This is true. Been to a couple countries where electricity only came on 12 hours a day. Something most Americans aren't used to. I don't take anything for granted. Not anymore. Probably take music for granted, life is kind of dull without music. Also, I take T.V. for granted.
  18. Paper towels, they seem to only be important when you need them.
  19. I don't take much for granted, other than the usual - having all my limbs (including my penis), having food, having a roof above my head, breathing free air and drinking clean water, having plenty enough possessions, etc. But I'll go with something specifically no one has really mentioned - the Internet.

    I heard once that back in the Dark Ages, one open piece of newspaper would contain more information than the average person would come across in their entire lives. Compare that to the mighty internet we have here in the 21st century. You have an almost endless access to other people's lives (message boards like this one) and countless media such as movies, videos, songs (feel like I should just say Youtube), endless information on several different subjects, and a whole host of other stuff that you would otherwise have no access to.

    Before I had internet, I recall being in disbelief that such a marvelous thing could ever be invented and become common place in the average household. Then, in July 2003, I first got access to it and just couldn't get enough of it. Fast forward ten years later to June 2013 and the internet to me is just another materialistic possession in the house, no different than the bazillions of movies and video games lying around somewhere in this same room, most that I hardly ever watch or play anymore. I enjoy it and frequent it every day but I just don't grasp (and neither does probably 99.9% of other people) how shitty it would be if it disappeared altogether.
  20. My family, a roof over my head with electricity and heating, a job and freedom.