Thinking of doing a giveaway--- contest

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by DarksideTrin, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. A longer running trivia / random questions contest.
    I'd mail the winner a video game from the stores collection....

    Would anyone be interested?

    This ok crayo?
  2. Hell yeah, I'm in. I'd want CoD blackops 2 when it comes out when I win please boss.
  3. I'd be interested.
  4. Do you ship to South America? :hmm:
  5. depends on the cost i suppose.. @crayo.. it will be from the extra stuff we have.. nothing awesome and new.. i aint rich in bizness yet!
  6. Just gimme the money bitch :dawg:
  7. YES! Fifa13? Football Manager 2013?
  8. I would be up for it, if you ship to Europe. :notsure:
  9. to quote Gex - "Lock and load lil lizard"
  10. You got Shenmue 2 for DC, D2, FF3 for SNES or Might and magic for Genesis?
  11. I am still waiting for someone to bring me in a dream cast... that system was epic


    Basically I will hunt through the store and find a few titles that I have a bunch of.

    Nothing new as those will actually sell !! (almost as good as ziggler)

    But I have a large assortment of games from the 360 ps3 wii ps2 and xbox right now..

    Ill find a bunch and give the winner the option of those games..

    The games will work on foreign systems right?
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