Storyline This Ain't Right

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    *The scene opens up in the room pictured above where we see every seat taken up by about 7-10 young, black males. There are cards and poker chips on the table along with an ashtray and a couple stacks of money. Some of the men have cigars in their hands but they're all very nicely dressed. They're laughing and having a good time but they immediately go quiet and stone faced when Bishop suddenly walks into camera view. Bishop's also nicely dressed, wearing a mostly white suit with a black tie. He has visible wounds on his face and even has a band-aid above his right eye. He shakes his head at all of them and begins pacing around, breathing heavily.*

    "Nice to see y'all havin a real good motha fuckin time..."

    *He pauses and a lot of the men sitting down at the table are shifting their eyes away from Bishop and none of them look happy.*

    "Man, what the FUCK?!"

    *He screams out and swipes everything off the table.*

    "This ain't right, man. This ain't how shit was supposed to happen!"

    *He slowly turns his head and we see the two men that tried to jump Scott Fargo a week ago.*

    "What the fuck happened, boys. I know Scotty knows his shit but I thought y'all could have at least made sure he don't make it to Retribution. Now instead of me, he's gettin a chance at the gold, a chance that he don't fuckin deserve. Now you both know you're my boys, but if this shit ever happen again I ain't lettin it slide. This ain't how I saw things goin at all..."

    *He pauses again and begins to pace in front of everyone again.*

    "I ain't gonna lie though, I underestimated Joke Forté, the dude was ready for a fight and I gave him what he wanted. It still felt good fightin with his ass all over the arena though. He knows that ain't gon be the last he sees of me and imma make damn sure next time he's in the same room as me, he ain't leavin in one piece. I promise all of you that right now."

    *All the men nod their heads but still have upset/angry expressions on their face. The room has become more foggy with smoke since Bishop arrived. He leans against a pole in the corner.*

    "Now the real reason I'm here with y'all tonight is cause I got official word a couple hours ago that I ain't even on the Retribution card. I ain't even on the damn show! How funny is that?"

    *Bishop begins laughing but no one joins in with him. He sighs and shakes his head.*

    "Michael signed me to this company to do what I do best and that lil bitch didn't even put me on the show. I assume he a lil upset at my recent actions such as attacking some of his precious talent but he knew what he was fuckin doin when he offered me that contract. If he thinks dis his his way of "punishin" me or "sendin me a message" he dead wrong cause imma still be in the arena for Retribution and imma still whoop somebodies ass. To make matters worse, the two fools we been messin around with are fightin in the main event for the gold that I should be fuckin holdin!"

    *He runs his hands through his hair and slowly paces around again. He talks in a lower volume voice now.*

    "This shit pathetic, man. Y'all know me...I'm a man that gets shit done and a man that keeps his fuckin word. I said we should come to IWT because it was a great opportunity to show the world we deserve it all. We deserve da fame, the lights, the money, the gold, the glamour, not fuckboys like Forté and Fargo. We came up togetha as a family and we all had our problems but we made it through. We made a name fo ourselves, we got a good amount of green in our pockets, and we made Detroit into our city. Now we need to make this our world..."

    *They all nod and some even smile but they all look focused.*

    "We ain't gon let nothin stop us anymore. Strap in boys because it's all up from here. In no time I'll be sittin here with y'all with gold around my waist and then we'll all be livin good. I don't care what any of dem say, we rollin up to Retribution and we takin ova..."

    *Bishop pauses one last time and backs away slowly from the table.*

    "Don't lose sight of the big picture here, boys! This shit is only the beginnin, we've been through rougher shit. I'll catch up with y'all real soon, hold it down."

    *Bishop turns around and pulls out his phone and begins to dial something as he walks out the door. The cameras turn back to the men around the table and some begin cleaning up the mess Bishop made and others start chatting with each other as the scene fades to black.*

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