This company needs change

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  1. Christian walks out on the stage to a loud pop

    Christian: Cut the music, cut the music. You know, I haven't been seen in this very ring for a very long time. Almost three months now...
    I've been in the back handling the paperwork, signing future champions and possibly the next face of the IWT.

    Now I know a lot has happened in the past few weeks. Dat Kid has resigned from this company because he wanted to run things his ways. By the way, I wish you THE BEST, Dat Kid on running that train wreck in which you call a company. I wish you THE BEST on trying to compete with the biggest phenomenon in the world, the IWT, I wish you THE BEST on lasting 6 months with F*cking Stupid Wrestling.

    Crowd: OHHH!

    Anonymous has been fired, but in all honestly, who wanted to watch mentally challenged people anyways?
    Aids has lost his title to Parker and Adam is still deciding which character he is, how befitting of him.

    Now... with change, comes new direction within this company. And it will come soon enough. I know a lot of you have disgusting, foul and filthy mouths in this company. Matter of fact, I do myself. But that will change as I take over. And each and everyone of you will learn to tone it down or else you'll not only have to deal with Jonathan, but you'll have to deal with me.

    So welcome to the future, say goodbye to Britanica's circus and Dat Jobber, Kid. MY TIME IS NOW! IWT WILL NEVER! AND I SAY NEVER! BE THE SAME, AGAIN!
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  2. OOC: What!? Christian is back!? *faints*
  3. OOC: It was late night, didn't have anything to post. I actually forgot what I wrote, so I'll have to read it again.
  4. Everyone in the back laughs, seeing Christians 6th debut vignette in the IWT.
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  5. I'm not a huge fan of being an active competitor. I like to do stuff behind the scenes or something of a managerial role.
    If I was in a match though, I'd be down.
  6. You vs me, you put up the IWT creative spot, and ill put up my #1 contender.
  7. I already have a guaranteed shot. :pity2:
  8. Plus, we're still in the process for voting.
  9. lol fuck dat kid for giving you that. I had to actually win to get my shot anytime, you just have to promise youll show up once, which i understand is a huge risk for anyone involved.
  10. I still have my rematch clause. I just didn't use it. There's a reason why no one saw Christian/Eric Draven II. :pity1:
  11. for the WHC which was moved into MY IWT belt. As far as im concerned you should have a rematch clause for the IC title, as your WHC wasnt really worth the gold i've held twice.
  12. lol no one saw Draven vs Christian II because no one has seen Erik Draven or Christian for months. You are glorified jobbers. SGT slaughter and Dean Malenko in IWT. You both are jokers holding titles while people like senhor try to stay relevant.

    The only people in IWT who really matter, are Victoria Parker and Aids Johnson. The rest are jobbers to the stars.
  13. Eric Draven IC Champ? Think Senhor has his rematch.
  14. Candian Whiskey vs the Bearded vagina II. PPV opening match.
  15. If Eric Draven and Christian II would be the opening match, it'd still be better than Aids Vs. Parker. Oh it's true. It's damn true!
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  16. My circus... OF CATS! :happy: