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  1. January 16th, 2006

    Edge becomes the first WWE Champion to defend the title in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match when he clashes with Ric Flair on RAW. The Rated-R Superstar gains victory with help from Lita, who creates a distraction at ringside that derails the "Nature Boy" and his attempt to walk off with the WWE Title.​

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  2. Damn, I miss Edge!
  3. I think I missed the end part of his big singles push. I vaguely remember him and Lita being together. I did catch a show here and there during my dark period. Maybe thats what I am remembering seeing. His early years though, hell yes. You think you know me?
  4. If there's one thing everybody remembers about Edge & Lita being together, it's the live sex celebration.
    I loved everything Edge was doing, except when he was jobbing to SuperCena.

    - On this day, I see clearly...
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