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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by I Mc Hunt, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. So what's the story?
    Why it was created?

    Why isn't it bouncing despite coming up on the first page of a wwe forum google search and quality posters/debate?

    Who owns it? (just so I know who not to piss off)?

    Thanks for any input and feel free to add your own questions.
  2. Crayo had a passion for wrestling so created the forum. No real story behind it.
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  3. Crayo owns it. He was high on LSD one night and a bunny told him to make it. Xanth was that bunny. Solidus and Coon are only here to make sure them two love birds don't go at it again.
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  4. It's like a homoerotic Alice in Wonderland.
    Rock and fucking roll!
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  5. As for bouncing are any of the wrestling forums? I'd say this place is pretty active when you consider that one wrestling is a bit of a niche market, two in a way facebook, twitter etc.. take a lot of people's time, three we all work or have school so slot hours in here when we can, four theres gazillions of other forums for all sorts of other random things and five forums aren't exactly seen as the height of cool.

    Just my thoughts! Realise that post may sound a bit arsey its not in any way.
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  6. I wait for the forum to explode and be crawling with mouth breathers but I'm thankful every day when it doesn't.
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  7. Very good point, I suppose higher numbers bring their fair share of spunkbubbles.
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  8. I like that no matter what time a day I come on, there are people always on. I would take that over being extremely active for only 4 or 5 hours a day. I'd say this is probably the most active (averages wise) wrestling forum I have come across. The cleanest looking as well. No one wants to join a forum that looks like someone just puked on the computer screen.
  9. I also love that it's Taptalk capable
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  10. Be careful with the comments, Crayo's ego needs not more stroking. :woo1:
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  11. Crayo sounds like a boss.. Gets mucho respect on here.
    I'm going to befriend him and ask him for money.
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  12. oh hell no he's a broke ass nikka
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  13. What he said. Spends too much money on useless shit, like whip cream
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  14. Alright, I'm convinced... He's a useless wanker.
    Dead to me.
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  15. I see right through this tough boy act! You already PM'd him nudes!
  16. Crayo's from Cornwall. Give him some sympy
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  17. Already love this guy more than every other member who posted in this thread. Fuck you guys.
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  18. but.... b-but WHY????/
  19. Can't have you ruining my rep dawg
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