This is Ethan Drake

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  1. *looks into the camera as he sits in the ring, leaning against the ropes*
    People always asked me, why I do this? Why I put my body through all this. Sure there are easier jobs and most of the times, better paying jobs, why take the punishment, life threatening risks.... *shakes his head* It's not a question of why.... *gets up* The question is, why the hell not.

    Some people dream of being wrestlers, some people do it for the love of the business, I am not one of them, I do this, because what I do in this ring *points to the mat* all the bumps, the bruises, the blood, sweat and tears. This is the only thing I know. This is the only life I know. It was never a choice, for me, this was a way of life *looks straight at the camera* I'm Ethan Drake, and I am an AMW wrestler. I AM THE FUTURE.

    ------ Stats & Bio ------
    Superstar Name: Ethan Drake
    Hometown: Toronto, Canada
    Height/Weight: 6"5, 250lbs

    Superstar Attire:
    Entrance Attire :
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    In Ring Attire :
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    Superstar Gimmick: Arrogant, crude, short tempered. High flying and has no inhibitions putting his body through hell. He doesn't care how much he would suffer as long as his opponent suffers more. Sly, deceitful, he will be smiling while he positions his dagger to stab you in the back, and you wont be getting an apology from him.

    Finishing Move: Frog Splash, Super Kick.

    Signature Move: Tilt - a- whirl sideslam, DDT.

    Other Moves:
    Figure four leglock
    Flying Crossbody
    swinging neckbrecker
    Flying Cross Body
    Missile Dropkick
    springboard clothesline
    German Suplex
    Tornado DDT off the turnbuckle.
    Springboard top rope senton (while diving outside)
    Sprinboard dropkick on opponents hanging on the apron.

    Show Spoiler

    Alignment: Heel
  2. Bro i know that name from somewhere.
  3. Ethan Drake is the name of a convict suspected of capital murder against a 71 year old women.
  4. lmao really? I had no idea, it was just a random name i came up with lol. Had no clue he was a grandma killer, but I have been using the Ethan Drake name on my wwe 2k14 universe since December so I guess, dibs?
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