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    *The scene opens up in the parking lot pictured above. It is quiet all around and the camera stays focused on the light post. All of a sudden, Bishop walks directly into the camera, his face now taking up most of the picture. He taps on the lens.*

    "Ay dis shit better be workin..."

    *He leans over the camera and checks to make sure its on.*

    "Ight word."

    *Bishop puts his hands around the camera and moves it a bit to center up and then backs up a few steps with a smirk on his face. He's wearing jeans and a gray hoodie and he spreads his arm out.*

    "What up I-DUB-T? Y'all ain't forget about me yet, have you?"

    *He pauses and looks behind his back then back in front of him.*

    "I had a plan when I joined up wit this fuckin was and still is a simple plan. Beat Jack Forté's ass. Since I debuted and decimated him in the ring, I made that plan very clear and very well known. Unfortunately at IWT Survival when I put that target on Jack Forté's back, good ol' Danny Jacobs got in the way and I had to beat him down too to make sure my moment wasn't stolen from me. Ever since dat night, my plans have been...well, lets just say I been a lil distracted. Been havin to deal with the group known as the Bullad Club and I ain't gon stand here and lie to y'all, I got beat by 2 of them, fair and square. But I been the only mother fucka wit a set a balls in the locker room! Ain't nobody else standin up to those fools but yours truly! And y'all still boo me..."

    *He chuckles and rubs his hands over his face.*

    "It is what it is, I guess. I'm done with those fuckboys though, they ain't deserve any more of my time. They can have their lil Universal title. By the way, real fuckin cute of yall to do exactly what I said yall were gonna do. Took the bitch route and literally handed yoselves the title. I really hope Chris Kaizer beats the fuck outta you, Fargo, I really do. My boys might not of been able to beat you down months back but once Kaizer's done witchu, you'll be wishin you gave up when I told you to. I don't give a damn if you're holdin that gold, you still ain't shit! You'll never be better than-....."

    *He stops himself immediately and shakes his head and takes a deep breath. He looks all around him again and begins to pace in front of the camera.*

    "Y'all see what I mean? Those goons have been nothin but a distraction to my plans. But NO MORE! Summerslam season is upon us, nigga!"

    *He sighs and a smile comes across his face.*

    "It's finally time to make Jack Forté my bitch. Him and I have thrown hands any time we've seen each other. Whether that be in an arena or even the fuckin hospital, the hate I have for him extends farther than he even knows. I knew I'd be a champ in this company eventually, but my eyes were not set on the Intercontinental title, my eyes were set on Jack Forté, winning the gold is only a bonus at this point. I been waiting for a long time to stand face to face with Forté in an IWT ring...even before I debuted. I ain't lettin SHIT stop me from beatin his ass and makin him stay home for good, i've waited too damn long to lose...

    "I feel like I got nothin to lose in this match though, i dont feel like im puttin enough pressure on myself, i mean sure I am 100% determined to beat down Forté's ass but i need to make sure I fight until I can't fight no more. So, for my match at Summerslam, I'm-...."

    *All of a sudden, you hear footsteps in the distance and Bishop turns his head fast. He suddenly looks angry as hell and screams in the direction he's looking*

    "You fuckin kiddin me?! THE FUCK do you think you're doin here?!"

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  2. You're what?

    Forté walks into frame right after his voice has been heard.

    Don't let me stop you, I know you had an announcement man. Get on with it.

    Jack crosses his arms and waits for Bishop to finish, but Bishop just stands there silent. A scowl etched on his face.

    Alright then, I suppose I'll go first. I was listening to your little chit chat with the crowd about me, about SummerSlam. And as much as we don't see eye to eye, I'm still man enough to give you some advice. If you really walk into SummerSlam with that mindset, you will not be walking out the victor. Put your petty hatred with me to the wayside, focus on the match. Out of everyone here, you should be the one to know how far hatred towards me gets you. It gets you to the back of the line.

    Forté nudges Bishop on the shoulder.

    But hey, what am I saying! Go ahead and do what everyone else has, walk in there with contempt. Fine by me. Just know who to blame if it doesn't get you anywhere.

    Jack begins to walk off, but pauses, and backtracks back to Bishop.

    I almost forgot, your announcement! Come on spit it out. But wait a sec, I have one of my own. Our match, well it's going to kick off SummerSlam. The sooner I get you into the ring, the sooner I prove to you that I was right.
  3. *Bishop just stares down Forté for a second, his face showing nothing but anger.*

    "You put your hands on me one more time we gon be startin this match right the fuck now, bitch boy."

    *Forté smirks at him and he Bishop puts his hands in his pockets and continues to stare at Forté. All is silent in the lot.*

    "You got some fuckin nerve findin me here, what you do, follow me?"

    *Bishop chuckles and shakes his head.*

    "It don't matter. I don't wanna know. You know it's takin every little bit of power in my body not to start beatin your ass right now but for once, it's actually a bit...i don't's a little refreshing to be talkin to you man to man. Ain't no camera crew, ain't nobody gonna get in our way, I'm lookin at chu up and down as a man instead of beatin you down like a fool. I don't need your fuckin advice...i know you been doin this for a while, you been holdin that title for a while too, but I been fightin my whole life, nigga. I might not be the definition of a "TRUE WRESTLER" like the Club claims to be, but i know i can hold my own against yo ass."

    *Bishop stares at him again for a couple seconds, studying him, before speaking again.*

    "I hate yo stupid ass. I'm sure you hate me at dis point, too! You tellin me you gonna pretend we ain't got history? Pssssh, come on now. You wanna open up the show at Summerslam? You wanna lose your title that quick? Fine by me, fool, finnneee by me. That jus means I can leave the arena asap and go party out in the city wearin my new gold around my waist. You wanna know what i was gon say?"

    *He chuckles again and crosses his arms.*

    "It's simple. there ain't nothin more I want than to beat the fuck outta you and take your gold. There ain't nothin more you want than to get me off yo back once and for all, right? I don't blame you. So here's what imma do. I'm so damn confident that i'm gonna beat chu that im willin to throw somethin on the line myself. I could do somethin simple like if I lose, I can never fight for the IC belt again. Chyea, that'd be shitty, but you'd still have to deal with my ass. Or if I lose then I can't have a title shot for a few months or some shit. Again, shitty, but you'd STILL have to deal with my ass, cause you know i ain't gonna be satisfied till you retire. Naw...i'm thinkin bigger then dat.."

    *He smirks at Forté and takes his hood off.*

    "If I don't beat yo ass at Summerslam, im packin my bags and goin back home to Detroit. Naw, I'm serious, bro! If you manage to beat me at Summerslam, you will never see my face in an IWT arena ever again. im willin to put that down on paper, nigga..."
  4. Forté takes a couple steps back and asseses the situation, not knowing how to react.

    So you win, I lose my title, and my undefeated streak. If I win, you lose your entire career here. Huh, still feels a little bit lackluster to me. Alright, I accept.

    Jack goes to walk off a second time, but finds himself back by Bishop once more.


    Forté takes off his Hall of Fame ring.

    Hold this L. But in this case, it's my entire legacy. You win, you keep it. You lose, you put it on my finger yourself. How's that?
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  5. *Bishop looks at the ring and starts laughing hard. He points at Forté*

    "Shit, you crazier than I thought, dawg!"

    *He continues to laugh and shakes his head at Forté.*

    "I accept that no doubt! I win I get that shiny new gold, I prove what a lil bitch you are, and I'm already an IWT Hall of Famer! Man... you just made me want to beat your ass that much more, didn't even think that was possible."

    *Bishop begins to walk away and opens his car door. He looks up at Forté real quick again.*

    "Ay I respect the wager though. takes a man with balls to put that kinda shit on the line. We puttin in all on the line, boy, and i'm ready to take everything you got!"

    *He smirks at Forté and puts half his body in the car.*

    "Ay see you at Summerslam, fool!"

    *He gets in the car and shuts the door and turns the car on. The bass immediately starts bumping loud from Bishop's car as he turns on the lights and drives out towards the exit of the parking lot, leaving the camera and Jack Forté there.*
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