Storyline This Is Just The Beginning Baby

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  1. *The scene opens up with Alias stretching, situated in the same spot as he was in his last promo (, but this time is is daylight and the sun is shining brightly on Alias Antonio, who has a sweaty wifebeater and some camo shorts on. He stops stretching after 20 seconds, and looks at the camera, a glooming smirk on his face.*

    Oh, don't mind me. Just preparing for the biggest match in, well, you know, in my career. But that's alright, because I'm certain Trip and his boys are doing the exact same, or are they? You see, Trip may seem confident and dauntless ahead of this inter-promotional WAR that's around the corner at Survivor Series, because of two reasons. One, because he truly believes his roster possesses the adroitness and proficiency to carry him to the glorious victory. And two, because he has NOTHING to worry about. What is there to lose for him? A loss to FSW that everyone will soon forget? There is absolutely nothing on the line from IWT or from Trip, so I politely ask you @Trip in the Head. If you're as confident as you appear to be, how about you put your General Manager position on the line just like how I am putting my career on the line, at Survivor Series? Are you as trusting of your roster as you seem to be? C'mon my friend, you're not afraid of anything are you? WHAT IS THERE TO LOSE HAHA!? Where's your team by the way bud?

    *Alias smirks and wipes of the sweat of his front, before resuming.*

    But before I end this magnificant PSA I'm bestowing you all with on the internet, Team FSW has already been selected, member by member, and it looks as competent as can be. And I'll slowly be revealing my comrades for this war. FSW Champion Mailman is already on my side. And I think I can bestow you all with ANOTHER magnificant treat inside a magnificant treat. Because I'm about to reveal the third member of TEAM FSW.

    A man, much like me, who is despised by the authority, held down like a little dog. Held down so much that it FORCED him to have a chronic SLEEPING disorder. A man who is as pissed off as I am, a man who seeks for vengeance. And a man, who as much as he likes to sleep, he also LOVES to fight. That man, is my friend, former Second Generation member, former European Champion. THAT MAN IS.....CHRIS KAIZER!

    Alias Antonio, Mr. Mailman, Chris Kaizer. TEAM FSW. Two more members remaining, but I'll save those treats for a later date.

    This is only the beginning baby, whilst you Trip, well, you can start preparing for YOUR END.

    Good luck.

    *Alias continues smirking before walking out of sight.*
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  2. OOC - oh yeah, sorry - forgot you had asked for an response. My GM position huh? I'd be lying if I didn't say I was tempted to accept it and throw the match lol :heenan:
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  3. do it pal