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    Aids Johnson is seen on the titantron, rocking back and forth on an expensive chair, two full bottles of scotch next to his feet speaking only to himself. He looks up and see's the camera, smiling before addressing the audience.

    You see, the world understands only a certain amount of what is presented to them, and yet the bottom is a prerequisite for a person to find their way back to the top. *Aids points to the bottles* I found the bottom in each and every single bottle i drank, from top to bottom I would search to find the right answers, and yet here I am. Hall of Famer, greatest IWT champion of all time, and what do I have to show for it? Money? Fame? Success? No, you see I had to find the bottom to truly realize what it takes to get to the top once again. Today, Tomorrow, next month or next year? Time is an illusion and it doesnt take a briefcase with paper signed by your GM, or a golden trophy that cannot be used to hold your pants up, no, success is defined by the individual.

    My success will be confrontation with the people who held me down. The ones who held me back, the ones who deny me and the ones who want to forget about me. When I return there will be no mask, no demands, and no claim of supremacy , no. My return will only be for vengeance. Tick, Tock.
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  2. inb4 randomHate

    or randomHeat. Take your pick
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  3. Your wife's nudes. You said I get to pick.
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  4. Shhhhhh!
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    Wasn't my return for vengeance?

    Well have fun with your return, brah.

    FU Aids.
  6. "Fuck you Aids" chants start
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  7. Victoria watches Aids on the titantron. As the titantron goes black, Victoria walks towards Trip's office and finds him nearby. Going into the pocket of her purse, she hands Trip a business card to the rehabilitation center she had recently attended. "Can you make sure Aids gets this? He could use some help and I'm sure they'd be happy to assist him." With a pleasant smile, Victoria turns around and heads back down the hallway.
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  8. OOC: I'm not even returning anytime soon. Dat Kid can cry, Roadster you will be on your 4th return by the time i even show up and Jenn you win. This trash will go until RR time.
  9. Was excited when I saw Gohan6425 made it, but I realized that it couldn't have been him because everything was spelled right.:sad:
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  10. :pipebomb: