This is the match we get?

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    *Adam and Jacob walk out on stage, They look out at the crowd and hold the titles high, Adam walks down with a cocky attitude, He argues with fans on the way, They climb in the ring, Adam puts the belt around his waist, He is handed a mic*​
    Not only at MITB will I be in the money in the bank ladder match but we will defend the world tag team championships against none other than the IWT champion. And thats what is bothering me... She is the IWT Champion and she gets a shot at our titles? Our titles? Just after we bring the respect back to the titles she tarnished she can take all that away, This is ridiculous im telling you!​
    Why does she get a championship match when she should be focusing on her IWT Title! Just let me get a lawyer out here, Mr. Jacobs please come down.​
    *Mr. Jacobs walks down and enters the ring*​
    Mr. Jacobs: My clients are having an injunction placed on this match, They do not agree to the terms and believe it is unfair that Miss. CrayJ Lee should get this match due to her current status in IWT. They are filing a no compete clause and refuse to show up to said match at the PPV Money In The Bank, They believe that the Money In The Bank Ladder Match takes priority and they should be able to defend the titles at a chosen date against their chosen opponents.​
    Adam: Exactly! We refuse to compete in this match at Money In The Bank and we will decide an opponent for the week prior to Money In The Bank. And if you dont like that.. Well too fucking bad.​

  2. Therefore I have no choice but to strip you of the IWT Tag Team Titles due to forfeit.

    Also, the MITB ladder match is a predictions contest. You don't have to cut a promo.
  3. OOC: This was a heat promo, I was thinking you would come out and force us to defend or strip the titles. Sorry for any confusion I should have told you before hand.
  4. I'm not going to fight against the IWT champion unless I get a title shot at her title if WE, THE WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS defeat her and her doggy partner!
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