This is why I love Spartacus (Ultimate Execution Video)

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Most brutal execution I have ever seen.
    Watch the video, it's only 22 seconds long.


    By Spartacus, I mean this TV show.
  2. Well that was an interesting face off.
  3. seabs is scared.
  4. Lol wtf isn't this a family show?
  5. The fuck it is. If you consider Sex (full nudity, sex everywhere, rapes etc.) and violence (Blood everywhere, every kind of executions, tortures) a family show, then sure. I'd watch it with my family. <.<

    Show Spoiler
    :troll: not a family show.
  6. Oh okay, never seen it, it's just advertised on Sky all the time at 9pm I think -- so naturally I assumed it was a family show.
  7. Gah! You could have warned about the absolute gore fest that was the execution. When you said "brutal" I pictured an epic slo-mo stab similar to the 300 kick.
  8. Lol, was that too much for you?
  9. Thats brutal but strangely u cant keep ur eyes off it at the same time loved it.
  10. Yeah. When I first saw that episode, I kept rewinding to that part.
  11. LOL thats the sort of thing I do to watch it again and again and notice the subtle things like brains falling out etc... How much detail they've gone into on it.
  12. Love that part where to brains were falling out. It was very detailed.