Storyline This is Your Final Warning Joey!

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  1. *the camera cuts to gav who is waiting to address the crowd*

    (Gav the chav) so as you all know night if champions is 2 weeks away and it is shaping up very nicely gav is looking forward to it but gav ain't out here to discuss how excited he is about the ppv you all why im out here

    *the crowd cheers so gav pauses for a moment before continuing to speak*

    Joey bryant gavs seen in the latest edition of the IWT Magazine that you ain't taking gav seriously you don't think gav can take that title from you gavs also noticed that you've have picked 3 men out who you'd like to defend your belt against so gavs gunna let you just do that feel free to face them at night of champions because that will be the last time you get to defend your belt because after night of champions I'm coming straight for you gav guarentees that this contract will be cashed in between September 21st and October 13th that is the timescale in giving you and I guarantee I will take that belt from you you joey ebhoy these last 2 werks as champ because its soon about to go tits up!

    *gav turns and goes to leave the ring but changes his mind and climbs bsck in and continues to speak*

    You know what your all probably wondering what im doing at night of champions do I may as well tell you all while im out here gavs heard this irritating coming from our noisy neighbours next door in fsw you may of heard of him he goes by the name of fungi im telling you now hes a fucking cheeky **** going over there and completely ripping me off he might claim to be a scouser but gav sees right through him hes just as much of a chav as me You ain't fooling anyone you fucking silly little **** and gavs pleased to see you've signed up to iwt so you wanna fight me fine I here your call I'll fight you for the first time ever gav will go one on one with another chav going by the name of fungi at night of champions thats of course you accept gavs gunna give you 48 hours to respond to my challenge and gav looks forward to smashing you stupid scruffy smelly fucking face in gav looks forward to hearing your response!

    @fungi come on lets do this!

    @DK James tick tock dk gav aint lying keep that belt warm for me will you :)
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  2. :challengeaccepted:

    I'll post something later
  3. gav can beat your ass silly, ripoff
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