Elimination Chamber This might get you excited for Rock/Cena at WM

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  1. Really well done video package. I think the Rock/Cena feud gets a bit too much hate from the IWC. The match will most likely suck but I think the build will be great, it was last year, the legitimate tension between the two and the seriousness of both of them resulted in some pretty awesome segments.

    Fair enough, we'd probably rather put Rock with someone else this year and the result this time around is more predictable than it's ever been, but the promos won't be. If we get respect/respect promos then I will join in on the constant hate, but I know I'll be sitting there with my eyes wide open watching their first interaction when the feud heats up.
  2. Don't want to see a repeat of something I didn't particularly enjoy the first time around.
  3. Still not excited :meh:
  4. I Didn't watch the first part ( I watched it on YouTube) , however I've heard that the built was great ... But then when all leads to a shitty match then.... It loses interest
  5. Are you a little bit more excited than before? That video package was great in my opinion.

    WWE are going down the direction of Cena being the underdog again, which -- in my opinion -- is an obvious attempt to get Cena some underdog pops. As long as he doesn't spit pathetic shit promos like he has recently then the promos are guaranteed gold.
  6. [video=youtube]http:emoji_confused:/www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=zwc1Wi-mlCI[/video]

    This was me when I watched the first 3 seconds of that video.
  7. Maybe if they threw in some boobs or something. :hmm:

    Seriously though, it was a very well done video, but I have no interest in seeing this again. IMO they NEED to make it a triple threat with Punk to add some new fire to this.
  8. I too would want Punk added, but I do fear he would be some sort of "third wheel" like Miz was, and when Miz was the third wheel Rock wasn't even involved in the match (he was just the WM host). I just think building Rock/Cena part two will unfortunately sell more than a triple-threat.
  9. lol comparing Punk to Miz. TBH Punk brings more to the table than Cena IMO. Having him as the heel in between the two faces adds a new dynamic that will significantly differentiate the promos from last year.
  10. I didn't compare them, I compared the situation. It's incredibly common within triple-threats for a personal feud to overshadow it. Anyway, I highly doubt the triple-threat is going to take place. I have no idea what Punk will be doing at this moment in time with The Undertaker rumoured to not be able to make it this year.
  11. This.

    Will be skipping the match.
  12. You don't think the Rock ending his year long reign is personal? Kayfabe of course.
  13. Nope, still not interested...
  14. Was an alright build in my opinion, but im still not excited for wrestlemania.
  15. It has potential to be personal, but it's not really any different from any other title feud apart from the length of the reign. Don't get me wrong, I preferred Punk/Rock build from Cena/Rock and it had shorter time, but it won't be as marketable as Rock/Cena.
  16. The build was interesting but it lacked the pay off, tbh the match was never going to be great we all knew that but it didn't even have the Hogan / Rock feel with an epic crowd (big mistake with the location for 28 IMO, crowd should have been electric but it wasn't)
  17. I think it looks bad to have the same main event two years in a row. If I were a casual fan I'd think to myself, "Wow, its the same as last year, no reason to spend $60 to watch it again" As good as the matches were, I felt the same way for Taker/HBK II and Taker/HHH II. WM is supposed to be a PPV where you see a blow off to the year's hottest feuds. IMO it makes the WWE look bad to have to keep repeating matches from previous years. At least with a TTM it's different enough to attract people who want to see something new.
  18. Leo C has turned into a bitter hater recently.
  19. Well I managed to get 3 minutes in on 240p before my Internet fucked up. Yay.

    No promo is gonna get me excited for this fued. It's just utterly pointless in every way. The reason the fued began to lose a little bit of momentum going into 'Mania IMO is because both guys began to run out of ammunition. They had been taking shots at each other for about 16 months and they just completely ran out of insults and couldn't rely on the novelty of Rock being back so much. I mean for fuck sake, Cena pointing out Rock uses notes was the 'dramatic' ending to one of the shows. The other issue is, as Seabs(and possibly others) pointed out, it's a lot of build only to have an inevitably poor pay-off.

    I don't think Punk would be the third wheel personally. Miz went in with a short title reign and had gone over like Jerry Lawler or something? Punk will have already had two long matches with Rock, and carried the title for 434 days, he just can't be ignored IMO.


    P.S. Wrote a long ass post for this and it deleted, in too much of a huff to bother proof reading what I just posted.
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  20. I wouldn't be surprised if he wins MITB which means that there will be a possible tease of him cashing it in later that night. CM Punk may even come running out but doesn't manage to cash it in. It seems like a possible scenario although I'd rather someone else win the MITB. (This is if the MITB takes place at WM which is a possibility.)