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  1. We have a sexist GM who sees the female wrestlers, yes wrestlers not divas as nothing but eye candy to be thrown into math contests after he feigns a bra and panties match to feed his own ego. He needs to know he can put people under his shoe and squash them however it's hardly surprising given the fact he only got this job to fuel Britanica's ego, she needed a yes man to bark up to her demands and leave the rest of the roster under a false impression of she wasn't the overshadowing leader who dictates what everyone of you wrestlers get. You see this place IWT, it doesn't matter how great a promo you can write, it doesn't matter how many people you entertain hell it doesn't even matter if you get lucky in a predictions cup all that matters is that you're in tight with Britanica. That's exactly the reason Dat Kid From Jersey is allowed to walk around and bring everyone to tears as he dusts his oh so cutting edge tranvestite jokes from 1985, you see Kid the fact that you're out there earning the big wrestlemania payday and I'm not makes me sick. I should be the one who's userbar is buldging with new points cash, I should be the one who this company ran with but instead they chose you. You'll play the good guy but we'll all know it's just that you're playing the role, you've held down so many people who could have been the name and face of IWT because you're paranoid of losing your spot.

    There are a few things people must understand I am the rightful WWE Champion, I never lost that belt it should go back around my waist. Senhor Perfect you're nothing but a coward who exploited my injury, it was the darkest day of my life giving up that title but you didn't even give me a moment to relinquish the title before you were chasing up Gohan and profiting from the war I put him through, you're nothing but a paper champion. Now understand that tonight I'm announcing to every single person who uses this section I'm back full time to win titles, make New Points Cash and expose the hidden problems in this forum. Senhor you're just an unfortunate victim to a higher power.
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  2. It only took you two months to come up with this. :pity:

    I'm going to show the world at Wrestlemania why I'm the most decorated champion there ever will be. After that, I've already accepted your challenge for ER where I'll put you back on the shelf where you belong. I'd get into it further, but why would I waste my time on a coward who can't fight through his injuries? Perhaps you're better suited for the Divas division? Actually, even the girls have more heart and fighting spirit than you do.
  3. The only reason it took me so long was I was sat at home and laughing at the failure that has taken on the legendary Curt Henning's name. ER is too long I want to exploit your reign in the same way you exploited mine, I'm cashing in my re-match clause but not when you want to. I'm here to offer credability and save this federation from itself, believe in the higher power.
  4. What an absolutely fucking great promo.
  5. You trying to tell me something? :willis:
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  6. LIES & SLANDER! :angry:

    You want a WM match, YOU GOT ONE! :mad:
  7. I'm not wrestling on your show, you know as well as I do you need me, this federation needs me and even though it kills him to admit it Senhor Perfect needs me. No one pays to love Superman they pay to hate Lex Luthor.
  8. OMG BREAKING KAYFABE!! 10/10 :pipebomb:
  9. Maybe so, but in the end, Superman always wins.
  10. :obama: After i beat senhor, ill consider it.
  11. HOT DAMN! :angry: :woo1:


  12. So you're mad because you're not in the title picture after you forfeited the title on your own free will? :cornette: