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  1. *A black car pulls over at the side of a bridge. The door swings open and B.Dazzle walks out. He's heavily bandaged and is hobbling across the bridge. B.Dazzle looks across the bridge and sees on cars coming. He looks over the bridge which is over a giant lake.*

    B.Dazzle: Night after night. Day after day. Brawl after brawl. The hatred B.Dazzle has for you Unknown is unmatched. We've tried to hurt each other. We've tried to end each other's career. We've even tried to kill each other. B.Dazzle hates you and you hate B.Dazzle. At the Royal Rumble, win or lose, B.Dazzle is going to make sure he gets the chance to whip your monkey ass. But when B.Dazzle thinks about it, why keep the people waiting? The people don't want to see us wait for the rumble to beat the hell out of each other, no, they want us to do it as of right now. They want B.Dazzle to take his boot, shine it up real nice, turn it sideways, and stick it straight up your candy ass. So Unknown, B.Dazzle is challenging you to come down to where B.Dazzle is and fight him like a man. But be warned Unknown because when you get here, this is what B.Dazzle's going to do. First, he's going to beat your ass all the way across this bridge. Then he's going to take you down to Jabroni drive and beat your candy ass there. Next, he's going to beat your ass on the way down through Know your Role Boulevard. Finally, after he's done kicking your ass during this little tour.....he's going to check you in the nicest suite in the Smackdown Hotel!

    @Slim Shady
  2. *Unknown appears on the tron*

    Very funny Dazzle you made your point, now please stop making yourself look like a fool and get away from that bridge.​
  3. *A smirk smears across B.Dazzle's face.*

    B.Dazzle: You ain't B.Dazzle's mother. Hell, not even his mom tells B.Dazzle what to do. How about this. B.Dazzle will stop acting like a fool, when you stop acting like such a bitch. So with all that being said, B.Dazzle knows what will really get your candy ass down here.

    *B.Dazzle walks back over to his car and opens up the door. He pulls out a bag and reaches his hand in it. B.Dazzle takes his hand out and out comes with his hand is Unknown's I.C title.*

    B.Dazzle: This look familiar to you? It should, because this is the title B.Dazzle is going to take away from your candy ass at the Royal Rumble if you even make it to the rumble match. So if you really want to prove yourself as a fighting champ, you'll get here as fast as you can.
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