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  1. 7th September, 2014 (A viral video): Police arrest Delaware teens seen in online video beating mentally challenged man.

    Two teenage boys in Delaware have been arrested for their role in the assault of a mentally challenged 26-year-old man.

    In a video that went viral over the weekend, the two teenagers can be seen taunting and beating the 26-year-old man who suffers from Williams Syndrome, a developmental disease that causes individuals to have “elfin” features, a slight body frame, and behave in a highly sociable manner. Children with the syndrome, for example, consistently test higher than their peers when it comes to empathy, and will often initiate conversation with complete strangers.

    This generosity of spirit makes the brutal attacks on Coran, who does not wish his last name to be known, all the more unsettling. His mother, Yana, told WPVI that watching the video made her feel “rage, anger — because of the situation, with him being mentally disabled, he doesn’t do anything to anyone but be kind.”

    In the video, Coran can be heard asking one of the boys to “leave me alone,” but the boy chases him around the yard, picks him up, then body slams him.

    One of the people observing the altercation can be heard yelling, “Come on! Hit him back!” But Coran refuses to, instead crumbling into a heap, only to be set upon by two other teenagers who begin to kick him in the head.

    There are other videos of other occasions in which the teens tormented and beat Coran online.

    A 16-year-old girl named Angeliz Marrero saw the videos online, and reposted them to her Instagram account with the hashtag #TheBullyProject in order to shame the teens involved.

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  2. Kids are so shit.
  3. Not pissed off but I just wonder wtf is wrong with those fuckers lol. Kill em all, they are pieces of shit.
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  4. Stupid fucks. Lock 'em up and hang 'em by the balls.
  5. That's truly fucked up, that's like those gang of kids that would go around into libraries and just randomly pick out an older person male or female and just beat the shit out of them real quick and just run after like 20 seconds.
  6. Kids went from playing Mario to beating defenseless men? wow.
  7. Yup. What a wonderful, fucked up world.
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  8. I can only pray for an apocalypse.
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  9. Kids who probably get there arses kicked at home or school making themselves feel like big men. Scumbags!