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    *The Crowd are chatting among themselves when all of a sudden the lights dimmer and unknown theme music play slowly play through the speakers echoing through the arena. The crowd stay quiet not knowing what's happening while the music continues.

    48 seconds into the song The Scat walks out from the curtain and onto the stage. The crowd are going ape shit and holy shit chats echo around the arena. The Scat stands on the top of the stage, digesting this reaction in. Looks to his left, then his right.... Then smirks. Scat walks down the ramp with the crowd still going crazy and even the famous "Scat Scat Scat" chant builds it way up. But it's getting overheard by the holy shit chants. The Scat walks up the steps and enters the ring through the middle rope. The crowd are still cheering while The Scat walks over to the other side of the ring to be given a microphone from the outside. The theme music stops and The Scat is standing in the middle of the ring, waiting for the crowd to simmer before starting anything.*

    The Scat: You Know me, and I know all about you IWT universe. *crowd pop* But for those of you who aren't familiar with my work, or those godly chants. Let me introduce masel. I am The Clean Shaven, Arse Kicking, Best God Damn Talent you'll ever see in this federation. The Asian One.... The SCAT! *crowd again give out a pop* and I own the most devastating, soul crushing maneuver in the sport of wrestling to date.. The AFTER SCAT! Ya see, your boy Scat has been around the wrestling block more then once. This isn't my first rodeo. I've been apart of wrestling's greatest successes, and I've been apart of wrestling's greatest tragedies. I've been at the heart of all of it and the wrestling has been apart of me.

    *The crowd continue to cheer and slowly "scat scat scat" chants echo around the arena. The Scat paces himself around the ring continuing on.*

    The Scat: So what brings me here, why did I join IWT I hear you cry ?. Well it's simple. I wanna be the best in the best. There's alot of buzz surrounding IWT and I wanna be at the top of the deck. To achieve this I know I have to conquer The World Wrestling Championship, and that's exactly what I'm gonna do, This world is ours now. So for all you big dogs watching in the back, especially you, champ. Take this as a get your head out of your arse wake up call. Because there's a new dog in the play ground, and I'm anything but playful.

    *The Scat drops the microphone and his theme music hits. The Scat exits the ring and walks up the ramp taunting up to the crowd who are cheering him on and doing the "Scat, Scat, Scat" chants. The segment ends with The Scat taunting it up on stage and the show going to commercial break.*

    End of Segment

  2. (I got beat by ryan davis walks out with

    Ok scat if you.want that belt you have to get through me first in the june ppv you have to face me but it will not be in the ring it will be in a abandoned building near the arena so face me of you got the balls
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  3. WUK is my favorite deathmatch worker
  4. Hold up, hold up, hold up.

    Why does he have to go through WUK? Isn't WUK the guy who lost at IWTMania, fired and only recently returned?
  5. WUK is the gatekeeper of IWT
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