Extreme Rules Thoughts on the World Heavyweight Championship Match?

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  1. The only confirmed match for Extreme Rules at the moment is Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio vs Current WHC Dolph Ziggler, what are your thoughts? Will Dolph retain? Who will be pinned? Will Del Rio's ankle injury and Swagger's arm injury come into play? Let me know!
  2. They probably won't take the title off Dolph that quick. So I have Dolph winning.
  3. Ziggler definitely isn't losing yet. Swagger will likely eat the pinfall and will do so after Del Rio does the damage and Ziggler steals the pinfall. That'll hopefully end Swagger's little push and will begin a feud between Ziggler and Del Rio that it'll last over the next couple of PPVs at least.
  4. Yep, Ziggler getting the pin on Swagger dirty sounds quite likely.
  5. I'd say to have Ziggler and Swagger teaming up on Del Rio during the match, Which then leads to Ziggler pinning Swagger like Leo C said.
  6. Ziggler just lays low the whole match until the end when they are really worn out and Ziggler ends up winning.
  7. i hope ziggler win
  8. I honestly think Del Rio will be pinned after Swagger lays him out again, setting up a Swagger vs Del Rio feud outside of the WHC opening up for a new challenger.
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  9. The match itself will be fantastic, Del Rio and Swagger are great workers but their matches haven't really captured my interest that much as their characters don't interest me. With the addition of Dolph though I actually have reason to give a shit, and he's certainly as good a worker as the other two. As much as I assume it's Ziggler stealing the pin from Del Rio on Swagger, I'm not ruling out the possibility of Dolph getting fucked over yet again and losing -.-
  10. The match will be great over all, Ziggler and Swagger will steal the show once they get rid of Del Rio, Ziggler has been in my fav 5 for the past while and to see him defend his whc is awesome to see, He will obviously steal a win, but the match will be around 15-30 mins hopefully.
  11. ADR and Swagger go at it whilst DZ lays low. On this assumption I have Swagger doing the ankle log on ADR ruining his ankle with DZ then sneaking in hopefully smashing the title in Swags face thanks to a AJ or Big E distraction to then steal the win by pinfall.
  12. It's Triple Threat so there's no DQ.
  13. I think it will be a great match, all 3 can wrestle.
  14. Hope Dolph isn´t a transition champion like Punk when he won that title
  15. Me too, and I also hope that happens since that is basically how Dolph won the title. I also want Ziggler to face other guys for the title.
  16. Dolph retains, and Swagger is in it so he can get pinned.
  17. Match quality's gonna be off the chain, time to go against the grain.

    Anyone else think either Lameus vs Henry or Ratings Killer Orton vs Show will be a #1 contenders match?
  18. I see the match ending similar to how the Show/Cena/Punk Triple Threat at Summerslam ended last year. Del Rio finishing off Swagger, then Ziggler cheap shotting him and quickly going for the pin.

    Could see this leading into a more lengthy Del Rio/Swagger feud, leading Ziggler to go into another triple threat feud with Kane and Daniel Bryan whom prior to the feud lost their tag titles to The Shield.
  19. Sad to think, but I expect Del Rio to be champion by the end of the night. I'd prefer if Ziggler retained though, I'd put some trust back into the WWE.
  20. Honestly even though Swagger/Del Rio has been repeated a bunch of times, I think it'll still be a great match. I expect them to sell injuries, and then to feud afterwards and set Dolph with another challenger. I can see Swagger getting pinned sadly.
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