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  1. Hello there folks!

    Is there anyone who knows how to use threads here. Some few days after I joined this forum, I posted a thread named 'Shawn Michaels returning to Raw' and the comments I got on my first thread were negative. So in order to do better I'm asking for tips and suggestions on how to post threads. Another thing I would like to ask is that my current rank is Rookie, how do you get to next rank? Thanks in advance,
  2. http:emoji_confused:/ here are the ranks, as for the thread I can't find it but I assume it was already posted so just check to see if your news has been posted and make sure it's in the relevant section.
  3. http:emoji_confused:/

    That's all the threads you have made. As for user titles, they progress the more you post. We'll be changing the names around shortly :emoji_slight_smile:

    Hope this helped.
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