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Like our Alex Briggs and many others, I found WWE’s attempts to make their Raw/SmackDown Draft play out like a legitimate, competitive talent draft awkward at best.

But at least they’re trying, I guess. And they’re not giving up.

Fox Sports’ NFL insider Jay Glazer, who provided some scouting reports around night one of the Draft on SmackDown last night (Fri., Oct. 11), says he’s heard “there will be a blockbuster trade,” presumably on the second night of the draft, this coming Monday (Oct. 14) on Raw:

"There will be a blockbuster trade" @JayGlazer has a scoop for @WWEonFOX fans and some things to watch for as the @WWE Draft continues on Monday.

— FOX Sports (@FOXSports) October 12, 2019
My first guess is that maybe Bray Wyatt to SmackDown isn’t a done deal, but we’ll see.

Are you still invested in this - even after WWE kind of spoiled the first couple rounds?

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