News ‘Polar vortex’ to hit US with record freezing temperatures

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  1. The American Midwest and Northeast are preparing for a "polar vortex," a megastorm that is expected to bring record low temperatures on Monday. So far extreme weather conditions have claimed at least 16 lives, paralyzed travel and caused power shortage.

  2. Yeah yea... It is going to be cold. Not really news, it is winter. Oh wait... YOU LIVE IN CALIFORNIA! :angry: :finger:


    But I do enjoy to cold. Just not that cold. Says its going to be -16 Monday night.
  3. I like the word vortex. Sounds scary and dramatic :okay:

    This is pretty fucking cold though.
  4. I like it 40 to 60 but I'd take -degree temps over +100 degree ones any day.
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  5. Yeah, definitely. Can't stand heat whatsoever, cold weather is always preferred. But not so cold that I instantly turn to ice and die :cry: :why:
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  6. I can care less, I don't go outside, so...I won't care. Plus, the cold doesn't bother me at all, even below freezing.
  7. Then care less and :gtfo: this thread :aries:
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  8. No. *Sits down*
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  9. This is the unfortunate truth of how winter has been so far. If it's not the intense cold, it seems like the rest of the country is being hammered with snow. It's been a harsh winter so far.
  10. Yeah, my water pipes were frozen yesterday and today I spent the day cutting down my torn tree in my backyard. Pretty rough weather lately and I don't see it getting better.
  11. Polar vortex? YAY!! I live in SoCal. I live with the warm ass weather :yes:
  12. Vortex? Expected some Marvel Super villain type of shit to go down. Lol, Polar Vortex would be a sick name.
  13. Dude you don't have to tell me. Its been barely reaching 60 degrees here. fucking burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  14. More of a chance for you to wear those fly sweaters. I say it's a win!
  15. -13 degree high here LULZ

    -25 Celcius
  16. Good news is you have plenty to do when not leaving the house today

    NFL playoffs, Warriors go for 9 straight in the capitol tonight

    lucky you
  17. Directv acting funky all morning. Thinking the dish might be frozen, but yeah i'm pumped for all the sports today.
  18. yea you may have to crawl your ass on the roof and thaw it out. Spray it with pam once you do, I hear it keeps water/ice/snow off the dish and saves you from dropping signal
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  19. My gpa actually was just telling me I had to do that.
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  20. lol my old ass handing out grandfatherly advice
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