‘Saved by the Bell’ Themed Restaurant to Open in Chicago

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  1. With the rise of pop culture-themed restaurants and bars, including a George Costanza bar in Australia, it was only a matter of time before children of the '90s saw their favorite teen sitcom get the eatery treatment. Saved by the Max, a new pop-up restaurant based on The Max from Saved by the Bell, will open this summer in Chicago.

    Described as a “parody diner/bar,” the restaurant will be open during the month of June only. Its menu will feature AC Sliders, a Preppy BLT, Macaroni and Screech, Belding Fries, a Lisa Turtle Milkshake, and “Bayside-inspired booze and cocktails.” The restaurant's male and female servers will be referred to as Max or Kelly, respectively.
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