News “Breaking News” SummerSlam Announcement Tonight

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  1. WPIX 11 News is teasing that there will be some sort of “breaking news” announcement regarding SummerSlam. The announcement is expected to to break at 10:45 PM and Paul Heyman will be in the studio.

    EXCLUSIVE tonight: @HeymanHustle joins @scottstanford1 in studio at 10:45 with breaking news on @WWE @SummerSlam Weekend

    — PIX11 News (@PIX11News) August 2, 2017

    Both Paul Heyman and Scott Stanford hyped the announcements on Twitter:

    Hey @scottstanford1 why do I have eight messages from @pix11sportsdesk and your news trucks in front AND behind me?
    WTF? This is insane!

    — Paul Heyman (@HeymanHustle) August 2, 2017

    Reached out 2 @HeymanHustle 's agency – waiting on confirm or denial on this new EXCLUSIVE info regarding @SummerSlam weekend! @PIX11News

    — Scott Stanford (@scottstanford1) August 2, 2017

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