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There is a bit of a rumor going around that John Cena will face off with Roman Reigns but it is also speculated that it may be Samoa Joe as well. I am not sure if this will end up being the case, might end in a triple threat for all we know.

What do you think will come of Cena's match?
Who will he be facing at No Mercy and what will the stipulations be?
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Cena vs. Reigns seems like a Wrestlemania...or at least a SummerSlam match...
and I can't imagine the WWE booking it for No Mercy...unless the idea is to actually
start booking every pay per view like its important and not just like another episode
of RAW or SmackDown.

Cena vs. Joe would also be another high profile match...especially if Cena would be
willing to put Joe over...and that seems more likely for No Mercy. saying that...its Strowman vs. Lesnar at No who else is Reigns going
to fight in a match "BIG ENOUGH" to keep Vince happy?

May-be Reigns could squash the Miz for the IC title while Cena fights Joe and then
Cena & Reigns could feud with the IC on the line after No Mercy?

That would elevate the IC title after it wasn't defended on the Wrestlemania main show
and wasn't even defended at SummerSlam.

Just thinking out loud...
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Definitely see them waiting for Roman vs Cena. Having more backstage interactions. Maybe some more tag matches together. Just to get the build going. It's the type of match that deserves a long term build.

Joe vs Cena would be great for No Mercy. It's a match we haven't seen before. Samoa Joe is a rising star right now cuz and so experienced. Him and Cena have some history in their early years, which could be a great storyline angle with how Joe worked his way up the ladder for 15 years while Cena shot straight to the top.

Reigns vs Miz will probably happen. Jason Jordan was in line for the IC for like...2 weeks? But obviously he's just a disaster right now so it kind of fucked him out of having a high profile match at Summerslam. So he deserves to have a big match on the next PPV card, and who better to have that with than Roman Reigns. Also it will be fun seeing the audience really cheer and get behind Miz due to all the Roman haters.


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Cena vs Reigns seems like a No Mercy match to me. They save the big matches for the filled shows since WM and Summerslam sell themselves anyway..

I'd rather it be at Mania though, since this just feels awkward here instead of whatever mess it would be at Mania.

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Vince be like: "It's a match too big for WrestleMania or any of the big four PPVs, which is why we're giving it to you at No Mercy. And yes, you will tune in to watch it. I win." :psycho:

Tbh, I don't mind this happening on a B-level PPV, even though it would've been better if it was saved for WM.


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In my honest opinion I don't really see why Vince didn't put this as the SummerSlam card. Cena vs Corbin was boring and the main event would have still been enjoyable without Reigns. I believe if they placed these two against eachother on the card the ratings would have raised, then again it wouldn't seem so fitting, but I do think they should have done this at Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania, either way it's going to be an interesting match.

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Reigns vs Cena was supposed to be the main event of this show, with Summerslam being Brock vs Braun but a lack of faith in Braun's drawing power and a need to scrap a couple of matches from the card led to the fatal 4 way and now Braun's good showing has resulted in his getting his own match. It was supposed to be a one match show and Brock wasn't slated to defend the title again until TLC.

Cena is expected to vanish again in just over a month so, given that Reigns and Lesnar will be building to their big match by the time Cena returns, this was the only time to really put the match together. Add in the fact that they have a huge stack of talent now and there's really no need to hold back on dream matches because you know a new flavour of the month will appear and we can just move people like Nakamura and Roode over from SDLive in the post-Wrestlemania shakeup and have a whole load of new opponents for people anyway.

The result could go either way, though I expect Roman to win given how he was booked in that promo segment.

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I think the reason that this match isn't on wrestlemania is because WWE are slowly and surely realising that to keep subscriptions up they can't just build around one show a year. I actually think it is quite refreshing to see such big matches on what would previously have been a 'B PPV'.

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