“The Keys to a BEAUTIFUL Summer from the Beautiful People”

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    Best friends, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, may be vain and narcissistic prima donnas but that doesn’t stop them from dominating in the wrestling ring and cleansing the world one ugly person at a time. When not in the ring trying to cheat for a win for the Knockouts title, both can be found maintaining their high maintenance lifestyle and enjoying a fabulous summer. Angelina and Velvet open up and share a few keys to a beautiful summer and how you can grow one step closer to living like the Beautiful People.

    • First and foremost, make sure the convertible is clean.
    • Make sure you have a good pedicure. No one wants to see nasty toes.Have a good spray tan but make sure you aren’t too orange. You don’t want to look like the cast from Jersey Shore.
    • Make sure you wax everything and I mean EVERYTHING! No one wants to see any gnarly hairs.
    • Last but certainly not least, make sure you have a scantily clad man fanning you with a giant leaf, feeding you grapes and wine and telling you how beautiful you are all day long.

    With summer in full swing, we know these tips will be helpful for you and your friends. You can thank us later!

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  2. Who the fuck is this slut? TNA New :gtfo:

    Oh and I do all of those things. I guess I might just be beautiful then girl. :4/10:
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