09-02-2012 WWE results Madison, Wisconsin

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Sep 3, 2012.

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  1. -PWTorch
  2. :@@ when will barrett be on tv
  3. Soon I guess, haha.
  4. Ryback getting those cheers. :gusta:
  5. Indeed.
  6. Less than 50 percent full? Gives me hope that they'll come back to Brazil.

    Cesaro getting boos is also nice.
  7. He doesn't do much for me Cesaro, don't know how long he'll be champion. I'll much prefer Ryback to get some gold.
  8. Cesaro is an awesome wrestler, but has one of the most boring personalities in the world (from what we have seen). Give him a manager or get him away from the title.
  9. That's why I'm happy he gets some boos, awesome worker but his current gimmick sucks (also not the best talker), so it's nice to see a guy I enjoy watching wrestle is not getting crickets even though he should.
  10. That's what I mean, his wrestling is great. It's just.. that he's super boring. Makes me wanna' switch channel.
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