1,000 episodes later, Mr. McMahon spills all

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  1. 1,000 episodes later, Mr. McMahon spills all


    As we approach Raw's 1,000th episode we've got to ask — who came up with the name "Raw"?

    I did. The name “Raw” came out of my head. I was trying to come up with a word that would embody everything we wanted the program to be. It had to be gritty. It had to be cutting edge. It had to be confrontational. Raw fit perfectly.

    What were some of the names that didn’t make the cut?

    I’m sure there were other names, but I can’t really recall any of them. I just remember that, when “Raw” came into my head, there wasn’t a doubt that it was the one.

    Don’t suppose you happened to consider “Nitro” in the process?


    Speaking of Nitro, what was the best part of having prime time competition?

    Generally speaking, good competition is great for a product. It keeps you on your toes, and forces you to adapt.

    And Raw actually ran the competition out of business. Is that the show’s biggest accomplishment?

    I don’t think we drove WCW out of business. That was certainly never our intent. That was the mindset of Ted Turner and WCW, but not WWE. See, if you spend all of your energy trying to kill the other guy, your product suffers. If you don’t kill the other guy, then he’s going to come back at you, and when he comes back, you won’t have done anything to make your house better. It’s no different than being in a fight and knowing that, if the other guy keeps on hitting you, that son of a bitch is going to wear himself out pretty fast.

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