1/11 Impact Viewership, Ratings and Quarter Hours

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  1. According to Tv By The Numbers Last Night's episode of Impact Wrestling had 1,248,000 viewers (up from the previous week's 1,187,000 viewers). The show received a 0.97 rating.

    Q1: Impact opened with a 0.80 rating for Joseph Park in the ring, an Aces & Eights confrontation, Sting vowing to unmask someone from the group, and one commercial.

    Q2: Impact increased to a 0.92 rating for Samoa Joe vs. Magnus, backstage segments, one commercial, and more backstage segments.

    Q3: Impact dipped to a 0.89 rating for the Daniels & Kazarian segment with Hector Guerrero & Willie Urbina, backstage segments, video packages, and two full commercial breaks affecting the rating.

    Q4: Impact jumped to a first-hour-high 1.01 rating for Christian York's Gut Check match with Zema Ion, one commercial, a quick backstage fight involving Team TNA and Aces & Eights, and ring intros for the top-of-the-second-hour match.

    Q5: Impact jumped to a show-high 1.12 rating for ODB vs. Jesse with Tara involved, followed by the first-half of Jeff Hardy vs. Robbie E. A full commercial finished off the quarter-hour.

    Q6: Impact dipped to a 0.95 rating for the end of Hardy vs. Robbie, Austin Aries confronting Hardy after the match, Hulk Hogan backstage, and one commercial.

    Q7: Impact increased slightly to a 0.98 rating for Bobby Roode and AJ Styles's mid-ring confrontation, one commercial, and Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan in the ring.

    Q8: Impact dipped slightly to a 0.96 rating for Joey Ryan vs. Rob Van Dam, one commercial, and Bully Ray's scheduled main event segment with Devon that started nine minutes before the end of the hour.

    Credit to PWTorch

    Bravo for Christian York, since he drew in quarter where almost nobody drew.
  2. Christian and Jesse drew? Push them! :hogan:
  3. This guy seriously needs signed up.
  4. Wierd to see Joey Ryan in Q8 lol. Mr. Sleaze himself. :ryan:
  5. Christian York botched quite a few times in that match.
  6. Nobody's perfect, certainly not a first-time-on-TV-in-10-years wrestler, and I can't recall any of those botches. If there were any, they were small and irelevant.
  7. Normal TNA ratings I see. Steady is a good sign. :gusta:
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