1/2/2013 SmackDown Spoilers

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  1. This one looks like it sucks. No WHC at Chamber? Contender match?
  2. Get the full spoilers. They look much better than those watered down ones.
  3. Full Spoilers:

    Looks like a good episode. I like the idea of the EC being for the number 1 contender spot and people having to qualify/impress Booker to get in.

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  4. :gusta:
  5. WOOO! Swagger is back!
  7. What's so great about Swagger? :george:
  8. Has the right size and build. Great in the ring (especially for a man his size) and somehow very entertaining even when he doesn't intend to. Lots of untapped potential that needs to be formed right.
  9. Looks shit apart from Del Rio & Shield. Swagger sucks, Khali sucks, Sheamus sucks, Barrett losing sucks, recaps suck.
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  10. Team Hell No vs. Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio could be a really good match, and it's hard to imagine that Del Rio vs. Dolph wouldn't be at least mildly entertaining. Nothing else seems remotely interesting to me. I couldn't care less about Jack Swagger.
  11. WWE: You're trying to make Bo Rotundo look like a star when he wins the IC belt, right? Well then... why not book his opponent like a star first, because I've got a chance to beat Barrett the way he's been booked.

    And for what? So Orton can keep looking strong? Orton hasn't done anything relevant in months and feels like filler going into EC... What's the point?
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  12. Damn Swagger is back? I hope he sticks around, dude is talented.
  13. Really looking forward to the tag team, Swagger/Kingston, and Del Rio/Ziggler matches. Sounds like it could be a very good show, wrestling wise at least. Not too keen on another Sheamus/Sandow match, but hopefully the Shield attack will come off well.

    Also, I know I'm in the extreme minority on this one, but I am liking the fued that's getting started between Barrett and Dallas. I think it's a good way to get a new guy in, and Barrett has already done a fantastic job coming off as if he loathes this guy to the core.

    Definitely will catch this episode.
  14. Elimination Chamber PPV with no world title contested inside the chamber.

  15. Same idea.
  16. Good Smackdown overall. Just skip the Sheamus/Orton/Khali shit and there's a few good matches in there. Bad news for me is that IMO Swagger is just gonna fail again. He's not at all repackaged, and doesn't appear to have gotten any stronger on the mic. Such a shame as he's a great talent.

    ME was a good match, no idea why they felt the need to waste it on SD though ffs.
  17. True, Swagger's mic work there didn't really seem to have improved but I guess we will see overtime if he will improve on it. Remember Rollins evolved on the stick over time. Same with Dolph. Otherwise they can stick him with a mouthpiece. But I was very impressed with his ring work. Loved the aggressive Swagger.

    Overall a good episode, skip Sheamus except the Shield part, skip Orton except the part were Barrett assaults Dallas and skip Khali. Rest is really good.
  18. It's not only the mic work, but he just isn't getting to show the personality he has still. He's been stuck with this horrible one dimensional character for years now and he's never gonna get anywhere with it. Agree that his ring work was fantastic - although that was never an issue with him.

    That tag team match at the start is really good by the way, I advise watching it.
  19. True. Swagger either needs to be allowed to show some personality, like back on ECW and his early Smackdown run when he actually was over to a fair degree. With the ultra Americanism and college jock thing. Or they get him a manager to do the talking for him.

    Tag match was great, seems like Rey and Cara will pick the belts soon to allow hell no into the chamber. Also a bit sad that Rhodes Scholars is no more.
  20. Swaggy time.
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