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The Beast is back!

Following his appearance on SmackDown LIVE last night (Tues., Sept. 17) and the announcement he’ll challenge Kofi Kingston for the WWE championship on the Fox premiere Oct. 4, we now know Brock Lesnar is back in the sports entertainment mix. So WWE and their promotional partners can go ahead and advertise him for additional dates.

The two which came out today are pretty interesting, too.

First, he’s scheduled for the Sept. 30 episode of... Raw. Well, the Wild Card Rule is still in effect until after the October draft. And it’s not like Lesnar or his Advocate Paul Heyman (who behind the scenes also happens to be the Executive Director of the red brand) have ever been that worried about rules...

JUST ANNOUNCED: As if the season premiere of @WWE #RAW on Sept. 30 at Talking Stick Resort Arena wasn’t big enough, we are now getting an appearance by the ”Beast” Brock Lesnar!

Get your tix now at Talking Stick Resort Arena

— Talking Stick Resort Arena (@TSRarena) September 18, 2019
I guess the “season premiere” is a big deal? Kind of hard to tell with no off-season and Raw being the longest running episodic blah-blah-blah, but okay. Looking forward to seeing Brock jog in place while Paul delivers spoilers about what his client will do on Fox.

Then, we have the Nov. 15 episode of SmackDown in Philadelphia. Which isn’t surprising, since we all figure he’ll be WWE champ by then, and Fox is going to want him to show up occasionally. What is somewhat worth noting - card subject to change and all that - is that Wrestling Inc got hold of a pre-sale email for that date, and Lesnar is being advertised for a “face-to-face” with Kingston.

Brock Lesnar face-to-face with Kofi Kingston is advertised for the 11/15 SmackDown in Philly (thx to Wrestling Inc. reader Chris)

— (@WrestlingInc) September 18, 2019
It could mean nothing. It could mean plans call for the issues between Brock and Kofi to run through Survivor Series. We shall see.

Main thing is, love it or hate it, The Beast is back!

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Can't sell merch when you have no merch in the first place. All the merch they created was when they were heels (new clothing is just new clothing, every wrestler has updated clothing. Not real merch imo). Then they turned face and sold the merch they created when they were heels

They need to create some new merch anyway. The pancakes are getting stale (both figuratively and probably literally)
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