Royal Rumble 1 RR Participant announced during Main Event, 5 More During Smackdown Tapings

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  1. On ION TV's Main Event it was announced that Bad News Barret is going to particpate. Pretty big announcement for ME imo.

    On the SD tapings The Shield and NAO announced their participation.

    With those 6 the count is now upto 18 participants.

    Enjoy the update people
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  2. New Age Outlaw? Hope to see some Punk interaction with them honestly.
  3. Yup, should definitely be some interaction, he's probably going to be the one to flip them both out.
  4. inb4BotchedKickToTheirHeads
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  5. ^_^ the shield will turn on each other ^_^
  6. I think so too, something tells me they will all be out there eventually and then Rollins will get knocked out first by a contestant like CM Punk, then it will be Ambrose & Reigns left standing and Reigns will win it.

    I'm pretty hyped for it so far, even with 12 members left to announce the line-up looks hella solid so far for the Rumble itself.
  7. Wow his kick on RAW was abysmal. And thats from a Punk fan.

    Quite chuffed NAO are in there enjoying them being back tbh. Although why when they were members of DX and mates with HHH ppl were like "oh my god why they ditching Punk?" I dont know.

    Awesome that Barrett returning to the ring hope he gets some success this time round as he has talent just WWE cant book him or cope woth the good old English accent.
  8. Agreed, been awhile since BNB has been seen on TV in a match, that should be fun.
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  9. That kick was horrible. I thought he was trying to hit Roman with his knee. Lol, surprised Punk trusted guys who were wearing DX clothing and he has beef with a DX original member :pity:
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  10. I expected the Outlaws (and maybe X-Pac if his asshole isn't still split in two and he's in good condition to perform otherwise) to do a run in on Punk that caused the latter to be distracted long enough for someone to come up behind him and eliminate him, but didn't think they'd enter into the actual match officially. Meh either way.
  11. Was this Chyna's doing?
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  12. Beat me to it :sad1:
  13. Laughing!
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  14. \[​IMG]
    Was just looking at information via wiki on the RR this year and NAO is no longer on this list. I'm almost sure I saw their name on their all three times I looked earlier in the week and I thought I heard it Friday but maybe not.
  15. NAO will end up in a 6 man tag vs Punk hopefully with HHH to reform DX!
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