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  1. ur all mad as fuck
  2. shit thread Mike.
  3. condoms are for pussies. GET IT!? AHHH!??? seriously your girl should be on BC, and i dont mean the shit you're smoking.
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  4. :boss:
  5. :win: You said it!

  6. I fuck different girls, girls tend to call me an asshole after we do the deed so..


    Im a whore :emoji_slight_frown:
  7. It depends on the frown face, just make sure you let them get theirs before you get yours and you're BITW, finish in 10 minutes or end up sweating all over them? Different story. Thanks for this, this post makes me LEGENDARY.
  8. :laugh:
  9. Yet another HQ thread by Mikedawt.
  10. dude what:dafuq:
  11. Dont just eat it, beat it.
  12. your a ***** amiright?
  13. I cant read your stars. I am a champ.
  14. Mikedawt at his best, and that makes today's day complete and great. :obama:
  16. :true:
  17. I'm like 5 kinds of white dude. Are you brain damaged?
  18. your thinking like a niggger
  19. It is from a Wolfpack song, so i guess? You talk like a wigger.
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