{#1}Theme Song Battle - Randy Orton

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dylan™, Jun 24, 2013.

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  1. Line in the Sand

  2. Burn in My Light

  3. Voices

  1. Over the course of a few days or weeks, I'll be making a series of, essentially, a "Which Theme Is Better" battles. Today, we have Randy Orton. I'm posting three theme's today. His first theme, as part of Evoloution. Secondly, Burn in the Light during his "Legend Killer" gimmick. Thirdly, his current "Voices" Theme.

    Line in the Sand

    Burn in my Light

  2. Burn in the lite for sure
  3. Motorhead's line in the sand for Evolution will always be my favourite wrestling theme.
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  4. Didn't he use This Fire Burns as his theme for night but punk stole it?
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  5. Evolution theme because it reminds me less of Orton than the other two.
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  6. I saw that on Wikipedia, but didn't put it in because he only used it for like.....a day\.

    On my own opinion, I choose Burn in My Light
  7. Orton used 'This Fire Burns' on an edition of Smackdown, then changed it the RAW after for whatever reason.

    I'd say all of them fit Orton from the 3 different characters of him, Viper, Legend Killer and the young cocky heel in Evolution. I'd have to go with the theme Orton said he always hated though, Burn In My Light.
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  8. Motorhead > all, seriously that's a great song and a great theme which is so rare.
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  9. Burn in my light was the theme I used to walk home singing as a kid. I absolutely loved that theme and despised Orton.
  10. Pretty much goes in order. Line in the Sand>Burn in my light>Voices.
  11. Burn in my light... HEEL legend killer!!
  12. Burn in my Light. Fucking love that theme.
  13. He had it for one Smackdown I think
  14. I think voices best suits his characters, since Jerry is constantly saying HE'S HEARING THE VOICES AGAIN!!!!!
  15. The Winner Is..................BURN IN MY LIGHT!
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