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  1. Wrestler's retiring?

    If you think about it, from the likes of Shawn Michaels and Edge, after seeing them wrestle throughout the years and than suddenly they just retire? How does it make you feel that you'll most likely never see them wrestle again?

    Not like a Sweet Chin Music or a Spear is enough. A good match.

    In my opinion, I feel saddened by it, but I guess I would rather have them retire rather than them becoming a Hogan or Flair.
  2. Edge had to, and HBK is back to ref/help HHH and hopefully eventually more relevant new guys. Like Retiring, just not retiring/coming back/retiring/coming back/retiring/smackdown feud.
  3. But like mentally or emotionally how does it make you feel?
    Like you grew up watching them and than Edge had to retire because of an injury and HBK is acceptable I guess.
  4. It is fine.. they get old and they retire.. Its nothing really.. Not like you will ever forget them... people age.. people get hurt.. Sure I wont see them wrestle new matches, but you can relive all their old ones!!!
  5. Emotionally im glad they dont have to die in the ring or get crippled. Even worse, when old timers way past their prime have to go over young wrestlers, i find it to be unbelievable. Same reason i didnt want a SCSA match at 1000, but still was pissed he was absent entirely. Rock is still great, Y2J is still great, but DX looked old and useless in the ring besides HHH, and i hated most of the Oldtimers going over Slater.
  6. I'm okay with retirement. Obviously there's sadness and a little nostalgia, but it doesn't like...bother me or anything, especially Edge's retirement. He would have given one more match if he could, but the doctor told him he would risk paralysis if he did.

    What bothers me is when wrestlers retire and then constantly come back for matches. Also, when they get inducted to the Hall of Fame way too early.
  7. Well the WWE Hall of Fame is a joke.
  8. It's turned into a joke, they screwed the pooch with it big time and now it's meaningless..especially the "Celebrity wing".

    Now if they had a physical location it would kind of be cool. Have a bunch of old memorabilia in a building in Connecticut or something. Tourism boost for the state, cool location for lifelong wrestling fans.
  9. Hall of fame is just another cash in for WWE, that's it. The people who are in are mostly deserving, but the people who turn it down are Better than the hall of famers IMO, for not having to sell out for another paycheck to their former/current employer.
  10. Wrestling Hall of Fame is where it's at!
  11. Where is Sammartino/Hart/Macho?
  12. It's the natural course of things. I'm a bit sad that I don't get to see them anymore, but I eventually forget them, so I don't mind it. Better than seeing them in poor physical condition trying to perform.
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  14. If they're old it doesn't bother me at all.
  15. Thoughts on Edge?
  16. Forced to retire, although it screwed up their booking plans for a while and left an open spot on the roster, I didn't mind much. Was a bit sad but forgot him quickly.
  17. When one of the biggest Superstars retire, the one who were the symbol of WWE, I must admit that I am very very pathetic about it. I initially want to get away from WWE and I feel huge emptiness lol. Like it was when Flair retired, HBK, Edge, Hulk, Worrior etc. But soon, I get used to it, especially if someone big is around the corner. Though it wasnt the case with WWE lately. It is lacking of real Superstar.
    I dunno how would I feel if Taker retires now, for example. Even though I know it is unavoidable, but I would be totally like :upset:. He is my second all time favorite, after Dave.
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